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Brr.... the weather is getting chillier by the second. Time to winterize with these handy tips from our friends at ShelterPop!:

1. Check to see if your door is out of alignment. If it's uneven at the bottom or along the side then you'll have gaps that allow cool air in. You also won't get a good seal if you apply weatherstripping. Check the hinges and adjust the strike plates and latches to bring your door back to alignment.
2. If your door doesn't have a bristle sweep at the bottom, consider adding one. It will help insulate and keep the floors cleaner.
3. Check the door threshold and replace it if it's worn.
4. If the rubber sweep at the base of your garage door is worn or too compressed, replace it.
5. Rubber compression strips are great for patio and sliding glass doors.
6. Replace screens on storm doors with plastic or glass fill-ins.

1. Apply neoprene strips or rubber compression strips to the base of window sashes as well as along the side of sliding windows.
2. Use clear silicone caulk to seal around the interior and exterior casing.
3. Use basement window well covers to prevent heat loss.
4. Check for broken or cracked panes and replace them. The will break even more in the winter once moisture freezes.


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