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Hosting the holidays, but have an unsightly burn on your carpet? No worries -- Kelly Edwards is here to show you how easy it is to fix a carpet burn with just a few simple tools and the easy tips from this video:

1. Trim away the burned fibers using scissors or a sharp blade.
2. Scrape a razor blade across the clean part of the carpet to loosen some fibers.
3. Gather the loosened fibers.
4. Fill the burn hole with super glue.
5. Using tweezers, push the carpet fibers into the glue until the hole is filled. Allow glue to dry completely.
6. Brush away the excess fibers and fluff up the glued fibers to match the rest of the carpet.

Done and done! Now you can host your family gathering burn-free, and no one will even notice you had an unsightly burn in the first place. Thanks, Kelly!


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