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ribbon dispenser

Photo: ThriftyFun

I love wrapping Christmas gifts, but nothing brings out the holiday stress more than a tangled mess of ribbons and bows. This year, I'm going to stop the stress before it starts and take a few minutes to create a handy DIY ribbon dispenser. The steps couldn't be easier!:

Heat-in-the bowl soup container
Ribbon or paint or paper or fabric
Craft glue

1. Empty your soup container, wash and dry it. (I use containers from Progresso soup but any variety that offers a plastic, snap-on lid will work.) I remove the paper label that covers the outside of the container.
2. Attach a length of cute ribbon around the upper edge of the container using craft glue. You could choose to paint the outside or cover it with paper or fabric.
3. Roll elastic into a loose ball. Make the ball small enough to fit inside the container. Thread the loose end of the elastic though one opening in the lid and attach the lid back onto the container. You can then pull out the required length of elastic needed for your project and snip with scissors.

Amazing, right? A genius tip that will go a loooong way for holiday stress-proofing!


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