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Holidash Highlight: Wine Pairing 101

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wine, christmas, holidayPhoto: pieshaw, Flickr

Quick. You've got an impromptu dinner party to plan and are in dire need of a crash course in wine and cheese pairings. Look to Holidash for a few goodies to have on hand this season:

According to Maniec, sometimes the best thing to do if you are hosting a big group of people is buy a case of a neutral wine that will pair well with many different foods. You can't try to pair different wines with all the different foods or courses without driving yourself mad, and going for the case is generally cheaper too!

One such wine is a Chablis from France. This white wine is made from Chardonnay grapes and is dry with fruity notes. Chablis wines go for about $20 a bottle.

Another great bottle is Madeira wine from Portugal. Lighter Madeiras go great with cheese and appetizers, while the heavier bottles work as a great post-dinner drink. One big perk to these wines is that they don't need to age and they never go bad. So if you don't finish it all during the first party, you can take your time drinking what's left.

Problem solved! You can thank me with a toast later...


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