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pink christmas tree

Photo: estherase, Flickr

I'm one of those crazy holiday decorators who enjoys donning my Christmas tree with a themed decoration each year. Weird, I know ... and costly, too. After all, if you can't re-use your ornaments to decorate with, what can you use?

Items from around the house, of course! Over at Holidash, I've been showing a few different thematic Christmas tree decor schemes that you can build using mostly junk items you've stashed in the pantry, basement, attic or garage. Ready? Our fashionista tree is waiting in the wings!

Last year, my niece outgrew her Polly Pocket phase and I inherited the bin of teeny plastic clothing. I can't wait to spray-paint the tiny hangers and dresses sparkly gold and adorn my tree with fashionable fun!


Add lace, ivory ribbon and pearls to adorn your metallic and oh-so-stylish Tannenbaum. Top off the look with your favorite sparkly brooch and your tree will have an outfit that will outshine your entire wardrobe.

Your child will learn the joys of upcycling, and you won't keep unearthing tiny pink pants in your favorite vacuum attachment.

Strike a pose!


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