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The Long Thread

Your little ones will bowl over for this crafty gift, and you'll have a ball making it!:

Step 1: With a hand saw and miter box, cut wooden dowel rods in 6″ lengths.
Step 2: Sand bottoms until they stand flat.
Step 3: Wrap painter's tape in 1/2″ increments around each pin and paint red stripes. Remove tape when the paint it just barely dry by pulling straight up.
Step 4: Paint faces.
Step 5: (optional) Spray dowels with polyurethane.
Step 6: Sew decorative stitching onto edge of felt pieces (ric-rac would be nice).
Step 7: Make little pompom by wrapping yard in loops and tying it around itself. Then trim ends and fray them a bit.
Step 8: Lay pompom on right side of felt, fold right sides together and pin in place. Sew along seam with 1/4″ seam allowance. Reinforce the end with yarn. Turn right side out, using closed tip of scissors to gently push out the tip.
Step 9: Insert a small piece of pipe cleaner into the top of the hat so it will bend. Adjust all of your hats to the desired position.
Step 10: Put a bead of glue on the top edge of the dowel rod and carefully place the hat.


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