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In case you haven't noticed, it's a winter wonderland outside! Bring the snowy weather indoors with these sweet papier-mache villages that are super easy to make!:

* Small cardboard boxes
* Cereal boxes or thin cardboard
* Masking tape
* Scrap paper
* Tissue paper
* White school glue
* Acrylic or tempera paint
* Paintbrush
* Glitter

1. Measure the top of the box and cut the thin cardboard to the correct width. The length can be as long as you'd like (longer will make a steep roof and shorter will make a squatty roof).
2. Score the cardboard in the center and fold over to form the roof. With masking tape, attach the roof to the two sides of your box.
3. Trace the shape of your roof side onto another thin piece of cardboard. Cut out two of these triangles and attach to the sides with masking tape.
4. Mix one part white glue to four parts water. Rip scrap paper into shreds, dip into mixture and apply to the house. Allow to dry for 24 hours and repeat.
5. Repeat the process with tissue paper. Allow to dry completely.
6. Water down paint and apply a thin coat to the boxes. Apply a second coat if desired.
7. Brush glue onto the roofs of the houses and sprinkle with glitter.

Happy crafting!


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