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menorahPhoto: ReadyMade

A little late for this year's Hannukah festivities, yes, but hey -- there's always catch-up next year, right? After all, when you find a craft project that's this good, you'll use any excuse you can to display it year-round! Thanks, ReadyMade!:

1. Gather eight clear bottles of one size (we used small Lorina Lemonade bottles) and one slightly taller bottle.
2. Soak the bottles in warm water to remove the labels. (Use Goo Gone to remove any stubborn areas.)
3. Cover the surface with spray paint, adding a second coat only if necessary-too much can result in cracking and peeling.
4. Insert taper candles into bottle openings, arrange with the taller bottle in the center, and light each night.

Happy Hannukah!


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