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Daily DIY: Craft a Clay Conifer

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Design Sponge

Face it -- anything looks beautiful in white; even pinecones! Break out the kids' craft supplies and craft a few of these sweet clay pinecones, courtesy of Design Sponge:

1. Crayola Model Magic in White
2. Scissors
3. Credit card, plastic card, or any kind of heavy weight paper
4. Pinecone (for sculpting reference)
7. Toothpick or BBQ skewer

1. Tear off small chunks of model magic, about the size of an almond. Use your fingers to shape them into elongated petal shapes that taper slightly at the bottom. Make about 25 petals in several varying sizes (use a pea sized amount of clay for the smallest chunks, a grape size amount for the largest chunks). Also form a 3″ long tube for the center by rolling the dough back and forth with your fingers.
2. Using the plastic card, create a crease in the center of each petal, excluding the stem.
3. Beginning at the top of the stem, push a petal against the center stem and gently rub the end into the stem to secure. Do not connect the top 1/2″ of the petal; instead pull it away and down form the stem so it bends outward. continue layering the petals on top of one another moving down the stem. When you reach the bottom, snip off any extra stems and smush the bottom into a tapered flat shape. Pull out the petals to a desired shape and let the shape sit on its base and lean against a surface to dry.
4. When the shape has dried for about ten minutes, the form will start to get rubbery, but not as sticky. At this point, use the scissors to snip the tips of the petal into a gentle point in the center. You can also use a toothpick or skewer to poke a hole through one side of the base to the other so the pine cone can be strung on a cord later as an ornament or charm, etc.

Fantastic, right? Happy crafting!

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