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About Housekeeping

What better time to set a household organization system in place than a week before the new year? According to Organized Home, "Unlike a personal planner, which is designed for use by one person, a household notebook or family organizer serves as "command central" for an entire family. While each family's organizer will be unique, most are simple three-ring notebooks with several divider sections."

Want to make your own? Tackle printing out a few page dividers from your local office supply store and organize important paperwork like bills, daily schedules, calendars, phone numbers and contact information. A few suggested starter dividers are as follows:
  • Planning Divider
  • Phone Divider
  • Family and School Divider
  • Home Management Divider
  • Meals and Menus Divider
  • Personal Finances Divider
  • Health and Fitness Divider
  • Travel and Activities Divider

For more information on household planners and organizational advice, check out Organized Home.


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