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This year, let's make a new tradition and start a handmade celebration! Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing...

Why not re-use this year's holiday paper and re-purpose it into DIY confetti? Cut each sheet into a few small squares and send them through a paper shredder; then send the shredded pieces through once more if necessary. Of course, when the party's over, don't forget to vacuum thoroughly!

Hang a few poms from your ceiling for the perfect addition to any home. Include a few handmade stars and you've created a winter wonderland to ring in the new year.

A ten foot long circle cut-out garland would spruce up any holiday party. Better yet? It's created from handmade lace patterns with an occasional cropped image of lace-wearing Kings and Queens. Classic!

Happy New Year's Eve!

  • Toni

    Great idea about the confetti. You can also use the shredder to shred magazines to add a glossy look to the confetti.

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