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Holidash Highlight: Stay Warm With These Festive Drinks

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Photo: ginnerobot, Flickr

Sure, Christmas is over, but these Holidash drinks are drool-worthy year round. Check out a few of our favorite recipes!:

We're in the big crunch now. There's simply no time to get creative and come up with a-mazing things to bake and make. However, there's always time to perk up your holiday beverages -- the aspect of any holiday meal that usually gets ignored. We always make festive roasts, wonderful mountains of cookies ... but what about the Christmas Day drinks? They deserve our attention just as much as the rest of the holiday eats.

Eggnog: Martha Stewart's Favorite Eggnog or Nonalcoholic Eggnog

Hot Chocolate: Ina Garten's Holiday White Hot Chocolate or Easy Candy Cane Cocoa

Mulled Wines and Cider:
Mulled Merlot or Bobby Flay's Mulled Cider

Cocktails: Peppermint Patty or Santa Smash from Malmaison Liverpool

Most importantly, just think about those little holiday-appropriate things that can amp up your drinks, no matter what they are. Throw candy canes into drinks, cranberries into juices, dye flavored steam milk red or green, perk up juices or coffee with a stick of cinnamon, or do something as simple as adding green and red maraschino cherries in your cocktails and Shirley Temples. When it's this easy, how can you not make your drinks suit the holiday season?


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