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Smart Light Switches

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Learn about the different types of smart light switches that are on the market and everything you need to know to install one yourself.

  • Pat

    good clip the only thing, when you checked the switch with the sensor ,you should first check that it is working correctly by checking it on another hot circuit before you check the one you are working on.

  • Dusty

    Personally I prefer the good old voltmeter to check for voltage.

  • Elizabeth

    Did you notice that the demonstration clip had the power turned off to install the switch, yet the dining room lights were on?

  • Bob

    Elizabeth: The dining room is on a different circuit served by a different breaker.

  • Paul

    The switch I like the best is a lighted outdoor lights switch. You can easily see it in darkened conditions and it has 3 positions. The down position turns the front porch lights off. The up position turns the lights on as normal. The third position puts the switch in the center and flashes the outside lights on and off. The switch also flashes on and off inside the house too. This is a great way to alert passers-by that there is something wrong in your house like a medical condition. It is also a great way to help the ambulance find your home quickly if there is a problem. You can usually get them at the hardware store under $5.00.

  • rick

    after i pay $40 for that switch it should pay for it self in 10 years .....these bozos give you tips on how to save pennys but the electric bill goes up in 10s of dollars every year....and the less electric you lose the higher rate you pay per kilowatt hour...they need to give tips on how to save real money not just 2 or 3 cents a month

  • mia

    VERY hair arm and hand...I think these light switches would irritate me after awhile of turning off by themselves. It just would not work in my household. Man, what a hairy arm.

  • NM

    As an Electrician Professional my advice about using this types of devices, is that they are NOT worth the money when it comes to saving electricity. First of all what the guy in this video clip fails to mention isthat these electronic swithces are very prone to shorting out with voltage surges, lightning power outages, and so on, plus not to mention the light bulb burnout sooner than the life expectancy of it. Plus the timer on these units makes your electric bill go higher than lower by the light staying on waiting for the timer to time out. Not worth your money. The simple mechanical light switch which costs lest than a buck will last decades. Life expectancy of an light switch electronic module, less than 8 years. Do the math.

  • mb

    i agree with nm sounds very accurate i did my resarch its just stupid to install it and he forgets to mention all the cons of this module such as electrical problems which could lead to a house fire the mechanical light swithch is a lot cheaper like 98cents and you will probally spend about 30 to 40 dollars on this energy wasting light switch they should have did more test on this light switch before advertising junk which this is junk my friend has one of these and he always heres sparks coming from his light switch he also said his lighting bill raised a dekameter on a killowatt scale which is like 10 extra dollars on a electric bill a month how ridiclious of a scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    What if your light is part of a ceiling fan unit? Since no mention of ceiling fans was made I suppose it is safe to assume that the fans won't work with these switches. Not a real problem anyway because I was all gung ho to get new switches but after reading your posts I now know I would be wasting my money. Thanks Guys!!

  • MIKE

    I installed one of those switches in my garage to turn on/off as I entered from the house and back.
    It turned on promptly as iI entered but took 3 minutes to turn off after I left the garage wasting power. It was cheaper and faster for me to turn it on/off manually, took it out promptly.

  • Analyze This

    I too have been putting motion detector switches and timers in my home but, they are all made in China or Mexico. I looked long and hard for USA made products but, they just aren't there!

    CFL's suck because most fixtures with auto on / off won't accept them. It states clearly in most garage door openers that you can only use incandescent bulbs. LED technology is getting better but still has a long way to go and can't be used in most auto switches either!

  • TEVA

    Old technology have had similar products for many years.
    Make sure if you do buy one that it is made in the USA the ones from
    China and Mexico are junk at least thats my experience.

  • TEVA

    Old technology have had them for years.make sure if you get one you buy one made in the USA
    the only other ones avalible are from China and Mexico and there junk at least that my experience.

  • charlie

    I use the spring-wound timer-switch (as) commonly found in some hotel-motels as a bathroom light/heater switch.
    The 12-hour timers work great used with a utility box and a small heavy duty extension cord and outlet to control Christmas lights during that time of year outdoors. Those possibilities seem to be endless.

  • jim

    Eric will get people killed. He needs sued when it happens. He is far from being an electrician and should not give advice. He miss used the hot stick and failed to mention that other circuits could still be live in a box. Also took no measures to assure nobody touches that breaker that is out of site. That man is a total idiot giving advice that he is not qualified for. And yes i am a licensed electrician.

  • Patty

    If you have young kids, these are great for bedrooms. Especially if they can't reach the switch. My kids could turn if on but weren't so good at turning them off so the auto-off is a benefit. I'd recommend the wider degree field, the 150 deg. range didn't work well for us and we had to swap it out for a 180 degrees.

  • Anita Madison

    Where do you purchase these smart light switches? Loew's, Homedepot where?

  • Robby

    I have a very effective way and it does not cost a dime and there is no installation !!!!!! Turn the damn light off when you leave the room, how lazy can we be people!! geeeshh

  • dw

    ............ " If it aint broke don't fix it ".............

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