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By now, your region is probably suffering through at least a few inches of snow on the ground, so today, we're talking igloos. Not your average igloos, of course, because like most things, there's a serious art to the creation of the igloo. Just ask Remo from Toy Report, who devoted an entire post to making an expert igloo with a few childrens' blocks and a whole lotta patience:

Remo worked with a traditional storage bin to craft his igloo, but I'd recommend an IKEA GLES storage box for a whopping $1.50. Once you've got your tool set, it's time for a few tips:

1. Pack it. Pack the snow into your buckets as much as possible, as you would with a sand castle. Otherwise, your igloo will crumble under pressure. If you'd really like to step it up a notch, pour on some water to freeze the block together after it's been formed and released from the bucket.

2. Dig it. The best igloo-making snow lies underneath the top surface, which tends to be too powdery. As with most things, dig a bit deeper for the good stuff.

3. Build it from the inside out to keep the igloo from crumbling. Use extra snow as "mortar" for your snow bricks and pack from the inside.

Good luck, snow bunnies!


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