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Nothing excites me more than a drawer organizer, yet they can be so pricey. I normally opt for re-purposed flatware organizers from thrift shops when it's time to organize my office supplies. But this swell idea from Patricia Zapata caught my eye and I can't wait to try it!

Patricia -- who specializes in projects that use recycled materials -- cut up an empty cereal box and fit it into an IKEA drawer. Voila! She now has built-in dividers for storing her miscellaneous items. Her clutter is hidden from view, and she can find her paperclips without rummaging around. Plus, this storage solution didn't cost her a thing. Brilliant!

Do you have great ideas for impromptu (and cheap!) drawer dividers? Let's hear 'em! Comment below.

  • jim wilson

    I used a a beer (long neck bottles) six pack cardboard container as a dresser drawer divider to separate my socks from my underwear. (Since I live full time in an RV, I only have two drawers and some closet space for my stuff.)

  • Patti E

    I never throw away my shoe boxes. They are sturdy and I put them in my top drawer. Socks go in one or two, delicates in another one or two and the drawer always stays neat. The top drawer on most dressers is usually smaller and the perfect size for these shoe boxes.

  • Mary

    Use foil, plastic wrap or wax paper containers to hold cooking utensils or silverware in your kitchen drawers. Be sure to remove the serrated edge with a needle nose pliers prior to 2nd use. The serrated edge can be made into an icicle by wrapping around a pencil, insert ribbon through one of the holes, add beads or other notions and hang on tree.

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