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Problem: Your much-abused cabinet door sustains a scratch to its lovely painted surface. Now what? It's simple: just paint over the scratch. But what if you've already gotten rid of the leftover paint -- or you weren't the one who painted them to begin with? Luckily, there are a few easy ways to choose the cabinet's color match.

Solution #1: The old-fashioned way:

1. The dinged cabinet door will act as the best color-matching sample. Like upholstery, the color of paint will change slightly over time, depending on its exposure to sunlight and elements like kitchen grease. Unscrew your scratched cabinet door from the frame and take it to your local Home Depot or Lowe's. Both home centers offer color-matching services, so you can buy the perfect paint. Be sure to choose the same finish (likely semi-gloss) as the rest of your painted cabinets. You'll need just a quart.

2. Using an angled brush, cover the scratched area of your cabinet with paint. Use a small amount of paint on your brush, and make sure the it goes on smoothly. Apply more coats as needed to match the cabinet (let dry in between coats.)

Solution #2: iPhone to the rescue::

The second solution involves a little of your own technology. So how can you color match your dinged dresser or the scratched media cabinet that's too heavy to be moved again in this lifetime? Just whip out your iPhone. Yes, there's an app for that.

Benjamin Moore created a free app called ben Color Capture that lets you snap a picture of your turquoise armoire and instantly match it to one of the 3,300 hues in its color library. Shake your iPhone to see four coordinating colors and create a pretty color palette. You can save favorites for later. And, of course, the app helps you find the nearest Benjamin Moore retailer to you. Unlike the inspiration binder (stuffed organized with tearsheets and color chips) that's never with you when you need it, you always have your phone with you to reference your color.

Dings are definitely easier to fix on painted furniture, but you can repair a big old scratch on a stained cabinet, too. Here's how:

1. Unscrew your cabinet door and bring it to your local home center to find a matching stain.

2. Use a lint-free rag to apply the stain over the scratch on your cabinet. Let dry.

3. Apply a coat of polyurethane with a foam brush to seal the wood. Apply more coats as needed (let dry between coats.)

So now you can really make those scratches just disappear.

  • m0ng00se

    WOW!!! Now I will NOT buy one. I swear I was. Not now. I will not PAY for that totally inane and useless technology. Take that s**t application out and lower the price. They must think the consumers are fools.

  • timblin

    Its probably a free app. Haha you are freakin' dude.

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