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Bifold doors got you stuck? Try a few easy adjustments! Photo: Spintwig, Flickr

If you have a closet, chances are you have also have bifold or sliding closet doors. I know I do -- and they don't always slide smoothly on their tracks. In fact, I have one closet door that sticks whenever I try to open it. I tug and pull and push and do just about everything I can to get it open, short of just kicking it down! Eventually, I got tired of dealing with this scenario every time I wanted to get dressed, so I fixed it. Here are a few easy solutions I recommend to get your sticking closet door back on track:

A sliding closet door can get knocked off its track and stick to carpeting. Photo: drcw, Flickr

Before you do anything, just double check that they aren't sticking on some plush carpeting or being obstructed from the bottom by your flooring. If that's not the case, then it is likely the overhead track. Don't continue tugging on the door because you can damage the track or the roller. You will want to first wiggle the doors a bit to see if the overhead track is loose, which often happens with repeated use. If so, tighten the screws to see if this repairs the issue.

If this doesn't do it, inspect the bottom pin to see if it needs adjusting. Some doors have a set screw that requires loosening to slide the bracket. Other doors might have a pin that is placed into a notch in the bracket by lifting up the entire door. Check to see which type your doors have and then adjust accordingly.

Another useful tip when dealing with tricky closet doors is to clean the tracks. Thoroughly clean and remove obstacles such as dirt or dust bunnies. Accumulation of debris in the tracks can also cause sticking. Spray the tracks with a silicone lubricant to allow for smooth operation.

If you've tried all of the above, and you're really in a pickle, you might need to replace the hardware. Most home improvement stores sell sliding and bifold door hardware.

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  • Bob

    silicone lubricant can be some nasty stuff and build up? Try parafin. any excess vacumms up easy. just rub some in the track. also on door edges of doors that are a little tight until you can sand it down or take the door off and cut it.

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