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Rodent-Proof Your House

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Rodents can be a real nuisance once they find a way into your home. Learn how you can stop them from getting in at all.

  • Joan

    I just bought some rodent repellant that turned out to be spearmint tea leaves. Supposed to work like Jennie's sage leaves.

  • Rick

    Two years ago a rather large black snake took up residence in my crawlspace under the house and ever since then
    i have not had a mouse problem at all

  • workjack

    Not all cats are great mousers...and I have dogs already.

    Any other suggestions about what to do when they're in? I've laid mouse bait and it gets eaten....continually. They must breed faster than they die. I don't see the mice or hear them, but something's eating the bait.

    Any other suggestions that really work?

    By the way, I disagree with Erik. Sometimes the holes are below the base line and you just can't see them.Mice have no bones (only cartiledge, like the stuff on the tip of your nose and can squeeze in an area the size of a nickel or less. If you can see an area - great, but some areas you can't see.

  • Rich F

    How about ants? They are more bothersome!

  • Suzie

    My dad suggested that you put a trail of Borax on counter tops etc. to discourage ants. I also found that if I found a family of ants and nailed them with vinegar, it would stop them from returning. Eventually, I bought the spray-type ant repellent and it worked like a charm. They haven't come back, either. Ihated to use the poison, but I was desperate.

  • April

    does magnolia lime get rid of snakes also?

  • John

    How about something for Ferel Cats !!

  • Mary

    I use mothballs in a nylon stocking. Works for me! i live in NH and theres a lot of mice in cold weather.

  • Jill Dredge

    I live in the middle of the Arizona desert and have done battle with the packrats and mice (not nearly as destructive as packrats!) Cats help, but most unfortunately we have local coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, etc who eat the cats. We now keep our cats almost always indoors. Anyway, what I have finally found is a battery operated rat zapper (find it on the internet). It ususally works! Keep it out of the rain though or it will short out. Good luck!

  • Donnie

    I plug all holes around faucets and pipes with steel wool

  • cort

    What about mice in apartments?. What holes to look for? And they do not come from anyplace in the kitchen, because there are no hole or spaces on the wall or floor. This I can verify since what ever holes and spaces found were patched up during the installment of new cabinets last year. Cats are okay, but I can't live with them. Besides it's not like they can pick the mouse up and dump it in the trash can for me, or flush it down the toilet. Thus they' ll just leave the dead thing in the way - and you'll end up squashing it under your toes in dark when you go to take a leak as you feel your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. . .

  • Matt

    That's good advice and all but I followed the news link from AOL and I wanted to find out why Vanilla Ice's picture was next to this article. I clicked on "Rob Van Winkle" and ended up here. Is he a rodent?

  • jobobahole

    ha ha, i wondered if anyone else was wondering about the picture accompanying the article, i see i'm not alone. i always though Ice was something of a skunk actually.

  • Willard

    Who's actually doing more damage to the planet. Rats, or humans..??

  • Shalia

    Plug up holes with steel wool and cover with small square hardware cloth or metal. Rodents will chew through wood, caulking; anything soft enough.

  • linmarco

    Get a cat. We don't see mice around our house. Our cat sleeps inside all day and prowls at night.
    As to living where there are no rodents think again. They're probably there and you just haven't seen

  • Pauline

    Get a cat! I used to have a Flame-point Himalayan cat who was an expert mouser!

  • Felipe M. Palacio

    Besides the outside exposures for rodents and other small animals, be careful when you are delivered a large package/carton or wooden box; don't open it inside the house. Many times, the varmints had managed to sneak into it at the place of shipping.

  • mark

    I have three cats and have never seen a mouse or "traces" of rodents.

  • not a plumber

    I have a sewer problem.

    My house is on a foundation, some how the clean out trap cap came off. Now I have raw sewage and a small lake under my house. There still a stinch smell coming from bathroom, before the smell was throughout the house. My question is what can I pour over the water? Bleach?
    The cap is back on, there was a reason for the cap to come off. I had to scoop out pooh over the weekend.

    I guessing the water will eventually evaporate, dirt and hot weather.

    What is the normal process for this type of situation.

    Please help


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