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Rodent-Proof Your House

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Rodents can be a real nuisance once they find a way into your home. Learn how you can stop them from getting in at all.

  • GE Lentz

    I use Pine-Sol to get rid of a customer's sewer smell/

  • BudMan

    Read what I wrote about Lime, but if you're safe to your lungs, it's what they use in KYBOs at Scout Camp outhouses.

  • Peter

    For as long as I have owned houses (25 years) - and well before that - I have had a cat or cats. And the only time we ever had mice is when we worked overseas for a few years and took those cats with us - our son and his wife stayed in our house while we were gone, they got mice in short order. When we got back the mice were gone within a week.

    Now we have two young cats and a young female Scottie who is nearly as good a mouser as the cats in a house built in 1890. No mice. Our neighbors on both side and across the street do have them.

    Get (a) cat(s).

  • Suzie

    When I saw Eric caulking up the hole around the pipe, it reminded me of when we had a dry wall problem with mice. We had an exterminator about 3 years ago who noticed this tiny crevice around the pipe from our propane inlet, and thanks to her sealing it off, it forever ended our problem with mice getting into the drywall - which is a horrible noise in the first place. They eventually die in the wall, which is even worse. The other thing is she used steel wool. I think eventually they can chew on the calk and wear it down. I feel really sorry for anyone with this problem. It makes me sick!

  • erika

    also if you believe you have an infestation, borrow your neighbors cat. Rodents and cats are natural enemies, once a mouse senses theres a cat in the house he'll leave.

  • CJ

    I poke steel wool in and around any opening such as the pipes under sinks etc. Never have a mouse in the house! Never have to replace the steel wool! is dirt cheap!! Buy a bag full. Just wear rubber gloves so it doesn't get into your fingers because it is very hard to get out.

  • vicky

    a heavy gauge rabbit wire (not chicken wire) on the bottom of the flooring works wonders as they cannot get their heads through the holes, and it also will help hold up your insulation and ductwork while allowing the floor to breathe

  • Brian

    Get a Ball Python. It will find them wherever they hide.

  • Relocator

    For mice, I use safe traps along the baseboards. Once inside, the trap tips and the door closes. Then I wish them well and relocate the furry little guys in the field down the street. They come in for the dog and cat food which I try to keep put up. My cat is useless. My daughter has problem with Raccoons & Skunks. The skunks try to live in the crawl space under the house. A rag doused in amonia usually drives them away. The raccoons are a little more bold.

  • Jennifer

    I am in love with Eric Stromer, he looks so much like my ex boyfriend it's not funny! Same hair, same eyes, same business, etc.....just a better person, that's all! LOL Just kidding Eric, You do a great job teaching us all how to do the stuff by ourselves! Thanks. BUT you DO look like my EX!!

  • T

    How do I get rid of squirrels in my attic?

  • TexasNDN

    If you have mouse probs, Wrigley's Juicyfruit gum is the best. It's non-toxic & cheap. Put pieces in various places throughout the house. when opening, do not touch the gum with your hands & replace the pieces about once every 4-6 weeks. . Wrigley discovered it when he found that he had mouse probs in all his production & storage areas except the one for Juicyfruit. IT WORKS !! They can't stand the smell of it

  • BudMan

    I waited a long time, yet = Don't see my comment about Lime yet, but it can save a lot of People from Getting Hurt!!
    Lime has a lot of good uses, BUT BEWARE & use a GOOD, (small particulate matter = ultra fine filter) MASK TOO!!!
    I Personally KNOW A PLUMBER that did not think of that! He "Sanitized" the crawl space under a house after a sewer leak & the Lime "Burned Up His LUNGS"!!!

  • Stabe

    LOL! Can he caulk any more sloppily or with the wrong color? Mike Holmes would not approve!

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