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DIY Product Pick: The Wovel

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If you're in the mid-Atlantic or on the East Coast, experiencing one of the area's biggest blizzards of the year, you'll soon be nursing an aching back from all the shoveling that's in store (unless, of course, you learned the right way to shovel your driveway!). You're probably wondering if you should just invest in a snowblower. The answer is, you could. But what if there were a less expensive device that claimed to pick up snow even faster than a snowblower and produced zero pollution?

Enter The Sno Wovel: The World's Safest Snow Shovel -- and one of Time magazine's Best Inventions of 2006. Designed to reduce the physical strain of shoveling (and related risks of back and heart injuries), the Sno Wovel is equal parts handheld plow, wheelbarrow and shovel. I think it's ingenious. Here's how it works:

With a Sno Wovel, you throw snow mostly forwards, keeping your body upright, aligned, and balanced. Instead of relying on the strength of your lower back, the Sno Wovel allows you to use more of your body weight, legs, and shoulders, thereby eliminating the lower back strain associated with conventional snow shoveling.

Even better? The Sno Wovel's large wheel allows you to roll over curbs, snow banks, and through just about any amount of snow, making it ideal for heavy snow areas that often acquire 8-10 inches or more. With a shovel blade that holds 2-3 times more snow than the average shovel, the Wovel is designed to flex and bend, allowing you to throw more snow farther (and faster!). Constructed of molded plastic, the flexible blade helps prevent snow and ice from sticking as it does with many snow shovel blades.

Purchase the Sno Wovel for just $90 at After all, less time shoveling means more time for hot chocolate!

  • Heartslord

    Or you can just push the snow by sliding your shovel like I do. It's not really any effort. Better than this would be a shovel with one side formed to keep the snow in and the other extended and allowing the pushed snow to exit to the side with the whole thing adjusted to have the exit side as the dragging edge, closer to the pusher so it automatically ejects rather than staying in front of the shovel. Plow trucks do this on the xway but tilting the shovel to one side and a 2nd truck picks it up and slides it to the side fo the road.

  • David

    This contraption is worthless. I have shoveled snow all my life and this wouldn't work.

  • Capt. David

    So David, how much of "all your life" have you spent using this contraption in order to come up with your apparent conclusion?

  • bnmrcr

    It looks like it only throws the snow ahead of it's path. In short, you are piling snow in front of yourself.

    I have over two feet of snow. It is piled up four feet on either side of my walk. Where does the wovel put the show.

  • BruceM

    bnmrcr, at the end of a swath, you push down and to the side on the Wovel handle and it throws the snow to the side. It takes a few minutes practice to get it at first, but it's pretty natural after a few minutes.

  • BruceM

    I'm always amazed that people who no nothing about a subject are always the first to comment. I have actually used a Wovel for several years in Massachusetts (where we get lots of snow) and it's fantastic!

    It work MUCH better than a shovel and takes a lot less effort. It is wider than a shovel and can clear more in one swath than a normal shovel. Finally, because of the clever leverage you have with a Wovel, you can clear heavier snow than you could by pushing a normal shovel.

  • Don

    David, if you haven't used one how can you say that. I use a 4x8 piece of plywood. My driveway has a slieght slant to it, which makes it easier. An eight foot swath makes quick work of it.


    I can't say anything bad about it since I haven't used one but, I do think it looks like something from 100 years ago instead of a new invention. Am I wrong??

  • Lil Matthews

    Does looking old-fashioned mean it won't work?? I like the look myself.


    Lil Matthews, I think you took my comment the wrong way. I did not mean that it looks old so it wont work. That is actually the total opposite of the way I think. My motto has always been "Older Is Better" even the car I drive is 50 years old! LOL Have a good day

  • Lita

    Isn't it something how these degenerates try to weave their BS in with the story like an old, live 1960s television show--like those of us who are reading here don't know that we've been slipped an advertisement that doesn't belong here. And by the way, anyone who does this obviously can't be trusted, and by visiting his/her web site, you will very likely lose your money, your identity, or use of your computer, or any combination of the three.

  • BruceM

    Lita, just a tad cynical aren't you? Isn't it the American Dream that if you "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door"? Here some people studied the physics of leverage and build a better shovel. If an article on that isn't topical during one of the biggest snow storms in history, I don't know when it would be.

  • Nancy

    If it is 100 % made in the USA, I would buy one just for that reason alone.

  • Wow

    Wow,,, this looks like a great invention... can I have the sales for Arizona.... hmmmm also need some snow,,, back to work I go because I owe I owe,,,,,, FOR SALE 1 gross of wovels...

  • r w

    A kid came up with a snow shovel some years ago with an auger attached. You scrape it along the ground and it throws snow to the side like a snowblower. Don't exactly remember what it was called, but it was relatively cheap (compared to a snow blower) and it seemed to work well. Perfect for areas of the country that don't get snow very often. I live in Wisconsin though, so I have a snowblower (bought 16 years ago and still running great).


    HEY "bnmrcr," you simply push it down the hole where that wascally
    wabbit wesides, and fweeze his widdle wectum off -- then call Elmer Fudd's "Dead Wascally Wabbit Wemoval Service !"


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