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In the middle of a home remodel this Valentine's Day? No doubt it can be stressful. But instead of bickering and lashing out at the one you love, how about making this a time of sweetness? Here are some ideas to ensure a romantic weekend, despite all the dust and rubble.

1. If the kitchen is out of use, buy a wine fridge and stock it with a few bottles of white wine and champagne to enjoy while watching movies (or home improvement TV shows!). It can be your gift to yourselves for working so hard on your new kitchen.

2. Splurge on designer-looking work gloves for you and your squeeze.

3. Go out for a romantic walk and snap pics of cool house features for inspiration.

4. Spend the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast Inn in the style you like (Craftsman, Victorian, contemporary) and take notes.
5. Watch the movie Something's Gotta Give and take notes on the Diane Keaton character's cool beach house.

6. Buy your sweetie a high-quality full-face respirator for use during painting and dusty tasks. Nothing says love like "I care about your eyes, nose and lungs."

respirator 7. List two features you each want most in the remodel, and try like the dickens to make those happen.

8. Hold hands at the local Home & Garden Show.

9. Look for common ground. If she wants slab granite counters, and he wants tile counters, find the middle path: granite tiles.

9. Let your mate "win" at least one disagreement a day.

  • archturn

    I don't remember Dianne Keaton in As Goodas it Gets or a beach house. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Kathy Price-Robinson

    You're so right! I put the right title in there. Thanks for the head's up!

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