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My new apartment came with one big upgrade: a modern bathroom, complete with a subway-tiled shower stall and glass shower doors. I was beyond excited to say adios to mildew-prone plastic shower liners and hello to fresh, gleaming glass.

Then we moved in, and -- shall we say -- life happened. I quickly learned that glass shower doors do not stay gleaming on their own! I needed a new cleaning method to keep my doors clear of icky soap scum.

Here's my new routine for keeping the shower clean.

Let me start by saying I'm a strong believer in using eco-friendly cleaners, especially in enclosed spaces like the bathroom. Chlorine bleach, Comet, and Tilex may not be in my cleaning caddie, but I still want cleaners that work.

I broke down my method into two strategies: daily cleaning and deep-down cleaning. All it takes is a few days for stubborn soap scum -- that film that builds up as a result of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, and even the chemicals in your tap water -- to take hold. That's why daily maintenance is key.

1. Daily Clean: Shower Spray + Squeegee

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I've been using daily shower spray for years (I also used it on my former shower curtain liner). My advice: don't skimp. I've found that you really do need to spritz around the entire door, even though it means you'll go through the bottle of cleaner faster. Shower sprays work better than standard glass cleaner, probably because shower cleaners are designed specifically to tackle mildew. Then there's my secret weapon: I've tried every microfiber cloth and sponge imaginable, but nothing left my glass door streak-free quite like my squeegee. Wipe down the shower door with a squeegee after each shower, to keep water and soap residue from standing on it.

2. Deep Clean: CLR or Shaklee

Photos: Casabella; CLR

If you're like me, though, you sometimes fall out of your daily cleaning routine. If soap scum has taken over your shower doors, it's time to bring out the big guns -- the deep-down clean. If my shower door develops a cloudy haze, I need something tougher than my daily shower spray. CLR is not the greenest cleaner on the block, I admit. But I like that there's no ammonia, phosphates, or bleach in its solution. A greener alternative would be microfiber cloth or sponge to remove the soap scum. Follow that with a final spritz of shower spray and squeegee.


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