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compostingAre you ready to create your own compost bin? Photo: USFS Region 5, Flickr

Composted materials are so important to plant growth and soil vitality. Creating a composter is an easy project which can help you bond with your family and the Earth.

Here are some simple steps which will help you turn your useless trash into useful treasure:

1) Make the Bin
Compost can be harvested in a bin or just on bare soil, but we have found that compost bins make your backyard look tidier and are cheap to create. All you need to start is a plastic trash can. Drill 1cm holes in rows around the can using a drill in order to provide your microbes with the oxygen they need to do their work. These holes should be drilled at roughly 15cm intervals around the can.

2) Add the Greens
Chop up plant debris into small pieces to fill your bin with. Ideally, you want about 50% green material and 50% dry material. Depending on the weather, dry plant material can be difficult to find, but we've found shredded newspaper works great! There's not an exact amount of material that you need to put in the bin-just put as much as you have available. Spray the plant material with water to make it damp and put the lid on the can.


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