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I find few household imperfections more annoying than a squeaky cabinet. Yet my pantry door squeaks pretty much every time I open it. I tried lubricants, hinge-replacements and seemingly everything else there is, but nothing seemed to do the trick.

Until now.

These days, my pantry door is entirely squeak-free, and I'm happy to share my secret with you.

elmer's spray lubricantCredit: Amazon

1. Apply Elmer's Slide-All Dry Spray Lubricant ($3) to each hinge on the door. Don't forget to wear a dust mask and gloves for protection, and to keep the area well-ventilated. Also, keep a dry rag handy to shield any lubricant drips from your hardware and countertop -- although the company claims the product won't leave an oily stain.

2. Be sure to apply the lubricant on both sides of the hinge: inside and out.

3. Open and close the door of the cabinet to allow the lubricant to penetrate all parts of the hinge.

4. Tighten all hinges with a screwdriver. This is an important step -- don't skip it!

Your cabinets should be squeak-free -- unless, of course, there's a mouse hiding in your pantry.

Got any other squeaky-door solutions to suggest? Share them here!

  • pgreg

    Gloves and a dust mask? Good grief.

  • Lisa

    Oh please why spend the extra money, cooking oil, soap, Pam cooking spray....all of these products work just fine and you probably have all three of them in your home already

  • Ida

    Oh For goodness sakes, I always use the multipurpose WD 40.

  • Linda Bird

    A squeaky door to my home office was fixed nicely by rubbing the hinges with baby oil applied to a Q-tip. PAM spray is also a good idea, though.

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