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In the Workshop: Utility Knives

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On any given work day, my utility knife is opening boxes, cutting plastic sheeting, trimming shims, cutting drywall and laminates, sharpening my pencil, and likely scraping dried joint compound off my putty knife. The list of its regular achievements goes on and on. In fact, it might be the most important tool I own. It's a simple item, but there are a few key things to look for when buying one.

The first is make sure that the blade is retractable. Every once in a while I see someone with the kind that has the blade always sticking out and I just hold my head in my hands. It's a razor blade -- and in addition to it being one of the most useful tools, it's also one of the most dangerous. I should know; I've worn a lot of band aids in my time as a carpenter, thanks to carelessness with my utility knife.

If you don't like the kind with the retractable blades, there are also knives that flip open, so that when it's not in use, the blade is covered. My only problem with this flip style is that the design usually gets in the way of my second requirement, which is blade storage. I won't even look at a knife unless I can keep four or five extra blades in the handle.

With a lot of common tasks like cutting drywall or cement board, you end up going through blades like tissues. And I make sure to stay away from the knives that you have to open up with a screwdriver in order to get at the extra blades. The whole thing usually ends up falling apart and is a hassle to get it back together. If you're buying a knife, my advice is to try to find one that has a little flip up blade storage compartment at the rear of the handle.

utility knife, retractable blade, snap-off bladeX-Acto Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife. Blick Art Materials

Another style of knife is the kind with the segmented, or snap-off, blades. These are great because you can extend the blade a couple inches out and make a nice flush cut against a smooth surface, making them ideal for cutting out old caulking. Because the blade is segmented, when the edge gets dull, just take a pair of pliers and snap it off (always were safety glasses when you do this), and you're good to go.

Good utility knives are available for as little as $5, but can get closer to the $15 range if you start getting into molded grips and wire stripping notches.

For your safety, always use caution when working with a utility knife:

- Always pull the knife toward you, slowly, in short strokes. Pulling the knife gives you more control than pushing it.
- Wear safety glasses when operating a utility knife, as it can send shards of material into your eyes.
- Keep your fingers away from the blade's path at all times.
- Never take your eyes off of the blade.
- Remember to retract the blade as soon as you're done using the knife -- even if you expect to use it again in a few minutes.

  • Sean

    "The first is make sure that the blade is retractable. Every once in a while I see someone with the kind that has the blade always sticking out and I just hold my head in my hands. "

    Yet the photograph above has a blade that is not retractable.

  • T

    Actually both blades retract. The other side of the silver knife has a press and release lever to allow the movement of the blade. The orange blade also slides down. I have used both in the past.

    Also the article SHOULD have said pull the blade AWAY from your body. I know lots of people that pulled toward themselves and ended up woth stitches for their foolishness.

  • barniejekyl

    i''ve been a drywall contractor for 32 yrs....i wouldn't own a knife that's closes too many times when you are making your cuts. pain in the tail ====losing time and money. as a general rule...a retractable might be a good harry homeowner tool....not for the pro.....

  • bobsag

    clearly barniejekyl has never used an OLFA blade. These are retractable knives that are designed for the pro.
    Every trade person around here uses one.

  • Denise

    We are able to supply various snap off utility knives .


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  • Zor

    You mean "always pull the knife AWAY from you" right? so that if the blade slips you don't plunge it into your body?

  • lukas

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  • Suzana

    OMG you took my breath away with these, so full of your heart.
    I fee my own pen's ink is pale in comparison. I honestly applaud your work, fellow writer!!!

  • Benjammin

    i usualy carry a small folding knife in the city and a small sheath knife in the countryside at home.
    and i know that there are different blade laws around the world, i am traveling to morroco in the summer and was wandering if i will still be able to carry or if the law will prevent me.
    bear in mind i dont carrry for self defense but purly out of utility

  • tom

    You say the knives that you have to take a screw out to get at spare blades fall apart are a hassle. If you have been doing the work you say have you would know they DO NOT fall apart if know how to use them. Bottom housing,blade slide,slide button,storage behind slide,top housing,screw. You either have no patients, or you are a moron. You need to find another job. Most of the advice you gave is wrong. (By the way, the photo above does retract. The wheel on the side loosens and tightens the blade slide.)

  • tom

    Yes it does. That is what the black wheel is for. Loosens and tightens the blade slide. You must be female. Don't know what your talking about.

  • Brian

    The yellow blade does indeed retract but the gray sheet rock knife at the very top does not. and for the record the wheel is what holds the blade in place and then you use the wheel to push the blade forward. turning the blade will not extend and retract the blade. Having a variety of utility knives is a must for any tradesman.

  • Brian

    I mean turning the WHEEL will not extend or retract the blade.

  • Captain America

    Snap-off blade knives have a slot in the removable plastic butt-end for snapping off the blade. It's the black piece in your photo. No need for pliers.

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