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Welcome to DIY Life!

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Welcome to DIY Life, where we celebrate and encourage the spirit of do-it-yourself.

It really doesn't matter whether you own or rent, live in a cozy apartment or a spacious Colonial. Your home is your sanctuary, plain and simple.

We know there any plenty of reasons you like to fix, maintain, and improve your own home. Maybe you take pride in knowing how to replace a broken tile, unclog drains, or make your own eco-friendly furniture polish. Perhaps you're honing your building or crafting skills -- or just looking for the most convenient way to store all of your supplies. Or maybe you're considering a remodel, and you're trying to choose the best tools and building materials, and understand what you can do yourself and when to hire a pro.

We've assembled a team of talented DIYers who will be filling this space each day with inspiring DIY home improvement and craft projects -- everything from quick household repairs to full-scale project tutorials, complete with photos to help you visualize each step of the process. Some of our contributors will even share their personal experiences with you -- the lessons they learned while remodeling their homes or the clever household hacks they discovered by accident.

We want to hear about your adventures in DIY too. What did you learn during your last remodel? What cool crafts can you teach us? Got any cleaning or organization tips? We want to know, so reach out and share your knowledge, opinions, and questions with us, the DIY Life community!


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