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shower headEasily fix a clogged shower head. Photo: Getty Images

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: When you moved into your home, your shower had great water pressure. You enjoyed decompressing before or after work in your shower, washing away the stress of the day. However, lately you've noticed that it's not as enjoyable as it used to be. The water pressure just isn't the same.

Well, it's probably not your water pressure that's changed. Odds are, your showerhead has become clogged due to hard water deposits.

Hard water is water that is high in mineral content -- elements such as calcium and magnesium among others. Hard water isn't harmful to your health, but over time, its minerals can build up inside pipes and cause clogs. You can check to see how hard your water is by lathering your soap or shower gel -- the lower amount of bubbles and suds, the harder the water.

With hard water deposits in your showerhead, a once-long, luxurious shower could be reduced to a drippy annoyance. You'll know that you have a clogged showerhead because the shower stream will become less consistent or the water pressure will begin to decrease.

Luckily there are a few solutions to unclogging a showerhead -- and none of them require a lick of plumbing knowledge!

shower head clog denture tabletsUnclog it with denture tablets. Photo: Walgreens

Solution #1: Denture tablets
Yes, denture tablets! If someone in your home already has denture tabs laying around you don't even need a trip to the store to fix this one.

1. Remove your showerhead if possible.
You don't have to do this, but it will make things much easier. Most showerheads can be removed by hand without screws, but check to see if there are any screws first before removing. If you can't remove the shower head by simply turning it, use a pair of pliers or a pipe wrench.

2. Get a bucket and fill it with water about halfway full with warm water.

3. Drop 2-4 tablets into the water and wait a minute for them to effervesce.

4. Place the showerhead into the water and soak for several hours.

5. Remove the showerhead and use a small brush or an old toothbrush to scrub the shower holes clean.

6. Rinse with water and put your shower head back in place.

unclog shower head with vinegarUnclog a showerhead with white vinegar. Photo: Ace Hardware

Solution #2: White vinegar
Once again, you probably won't need to venture out to the store for this one. Get a bucket or large bowl and remove your showerhead as instructed previously. You can also use a larger plastic bag and fasten it with a rubber band at the top.

1. Fill your bucket or bag with the white vinegar;
about a pint if possible.

2. Submerge your showerhead and allow a few hours for soaking.

3. Remove the showerhead and scrub with a toothbrush or small brush.

4. Rinse with water
and re-attach.

That's it! And if your showerhead is stubborn, there's no harm in trying both options together.

Now you can get back to making that shower the most enjoyable part of your day.

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  • David S.

    Eh -- you can also replace it. They are not that expensive.

  • pema

    sure you can trash it but everytime we trash something instead of fixing or re purposing we are adding to an ungodly amount of garbage piling up on our planet. we have to think about lessing the amount of pollution we contribute to. such an easy fix, and green to vinegar., surely its worth the trouble, its probably less trouble than buying new!

  • Kenny Nash

    Why not just buy a new one. It generates jobs and the economy. Plus it's cheap.... PLEASE !!!!!!!!

    Kenny Nash

    youtube Kenny Nash "DESIRE"

  • Marie

    "not that expensive'- it's all relative.

  • marc

    I think they are trying to do that, it's why the comments are disabled. But it could also be they don't want anything bad said about the adminstration. Probably much more likely, why should they care about the ads? In fact seeing how they always get up first I kind of wonder


  • Pat

    Amen! The ads disguised as comments are a major annoyance, I guess they use different names so they can't just block certain posters. Maybe treat them like spam and use spam filters to get rid of posts that try to sell something?

  • Mitzi

    just spray your shower head with kaboom, its in the cleaner isle, and no more hard water buildup :)

  • Don

    Mineral Deposits on shower tiles---HOW DO IT REMOVE IT? I have hard water.

  • TONY


  • Glenda

    I just found a great product about 1 month ago and it's beeter & cheaper than CLR (in my opinion) It's called Rust Aid

  • vkinchel

    It's really simple! Spray the tiles with cooking spray, let set 10 minutes or so, then use one of those dry erase pads and scrub. Then rinse well, and use a cleanser to remove the "oily" feel. Careful this can get slippery. Also, don't leave it on for more then a few minutes, I left it on over night and was blessed by a ton of ants the next morning!

  • Darth

    This article is not quite right. The water pressure they state is not the same as when the house was new. Wrong! It is not the pressure. It is the same. It is the flow that is restricted.

  • Jesoph

    Believe me, they DO care about the crappy ads. That's their bread and butter. They sell space for these ads to make the internet profitable. You'll be heading out the back door of a nursing home long before they remove the ads.

  • Margarett

    I used lemon juice.

  • Margarett

    I used lemon juice.

  • Glenn

    Kenny, Yeah it creates new jobs..........................IN CHINA !!!!

  • jingles

    this happened to me also.
    i filled my toilet with 2 gallons of bleach and soaked the shower head overnight.
    it ate off the crome.. but it also ate out the hard water deposits.

  • Lorraine

    we have become a throw away society so much waste and thrash is accumulated it more thrifty to use vinegar or polident!

  • crp

    you are so right - whats more than that ...we always hear "everyone needs to recycle and figure out ways to throw less away " only every product you buy has a huge amount of packaging that ..whats the first thing you do - throw it away. Its no wonder we have a 96 gallon curbside bin for recycling and a 45 gallon for regular garbage. If we could get companies to figure out a better way of packaging ,there would be so much less garbage . it's not us creating it , it's the companies.

  • jwalk

    We use a lot of baking soda when cleaning at our house. Great when soaking in the tub, in our clothes washer - it makes whites nicer and fresh smelling.

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