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You know that light fixture that's been sitting in its box, unopened, for the past month? Or that new appliance you keep meaning to install, but just haven't gotten around to it? The most common excuse for this kind of procrastination is "I don't have the time to install it."

No more excuses! We found three new products that install in 5 minutes or less. Who can't spare a few minutes, especially for a dual flush toilet converter, a new faucet or a ceiling fan?

If you can screw in a lightbulb, you can install this toilet converter. Photo: MJSI

MJSI's eco-friendly invention, the HydroRight Dual Flush Converter, makes your toilet multitask. It features two types of flushes: the quick flush uses a minimal amount of water for liquids and paper; the full flush uses a standard amount for solids. That means your toilet uses 70% less water than usual. And for the toilet -- which typically uses 59% more water than a shower -- that translates to huge savings.

The best part is that you can install the converter with no tools, no tank removal, and zero confusion. The three-step installation involves simply removing the toilet's flapper and handle, slipping the device onto the toilet's overflow tube, and replacing the toilet's handle with the device's dual-flush buttons. It's so simple that the product's inventor, Michael Schuster, had his seven-year-old install one.

Who thought a quick-install faucet could look this great? Photo: Tosca

Forget the plumber; this faucet installs so quickly and easily that its manufacturer, Tosca, opted to call it the 5-Minute Faucet. A patented base and factory-installed, flexible stainless steel supply lines allow you to install the faucet from above the sink -- no need to crawl underneath the sink until it's time to connect the supply lines to the sink's shut-off valves. In four steps, you've got a new faucet with a pull-out spray head, aerated and wide sprays, and a sleek chrome or stainless steel finish. Interested? The product's Facebook page has occasional giveaways.

Feel cooler in only a few minutes. Photo: Hunter Fan


How's this for convenience? From the moment you take Hunter's Five Minute Fan out of the box, it's 90% assembled. All you need to do is locate the ceiling joist and have strength to lift 40 pounds. Included instructions for wiring are color-coded and easy to understand, and patented parts like the Easy Lock blade assembly let you lock in the blades without tools.

Now before you schedule 15 minutes before your morning commute to tackle all three projects, take note: a very experienced DIYer could get these installed in the allotted time, while a beginner will likely need extra time to read through and understand the directions, complete all the prep work and even make a few mistakes (hopefully nothing that will make its way to our DIY Disaster Doctor!). But remember: even if these projects take you longer than expected, they're still save you time compared to standard installations.


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