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If you've ever been to a farmer's market -- or even just the supermarket -- you know there are a lot of spices. More spices than you'll probably ever use in your lifetime, in fact. But even just a modest collection of spices can clutter your countertop (not our idea of counterscaping). We've all seen the magnetic rack and the swiveling stack, but the following are smart new alternatives for containing your spices in style.


Spice Expand-a-DrawerSpice Expand-a-Drawer. Photo: Improvements Catalog

If you have extra drawer space, an in-drawer spice rack might be just what you need. It would be great to have all those spices right in a drawer next to your oven, at easy reach. The Spice Expand-A-Drawer™ is one option; it expands on both sides, for a total of 12" to 23" wide, to hold up to 36 bottles of spices. Just think of the potential uses of something like this: vitamins, medicine, do-dads in your craft room -- oh, and spices!

in-drawer spice storageBuilt-in Spice Rack. Photo: SieMatic

If you're currently renovating your kitchen space, think about spice storage when you're in the design stage. SieMatic's built-in spice rack and utensil drawer is a great built-in option. Or, if you're handy, we suggest building a custom insert for your drawer, cutting holes into a sheet of plywood to fit your spice containers.

The space under your cabinet is typically not utilized. Not only is it a great space for extra lighting, paper towel holders and wine glass holders, but have you ever considered moving your spices from counter to under-cabinet? A handy all-in-one product like the Magnetic Under Cabinet Spice Rack from Get Organized! will help you move your clutter up above.

spice storage

Magnetic Under-Cabinet Spice Rack. Photo: Old Sweet Song

You can also attempt to make a magnetic under-cabinet rack using spice containers, metal rulers and magnets, just as Amy from Old Sweet Song did in her kitchen.

spicestack spice storageSpiceStack. Photo: SpiceStack

In-cabinet storage
Judging by their website, the SpiceStack is one of those inventions that you would expect to see on an infomercial late at night in between re-runs of Welcome Back Kotter, but it's actually worth a look. It fits in standard cabinets, and there are two sizes to choose from. Spices stay stashed away, out of sight. When you need to access your basil or oregano, just use the unit's handy pull-down mechanism.

And for another creative solution, watch this video below:

  • Lauren

    Thanks for the SpiceStack "shout out" Jaime. Funny enough, we tried to run the SpiceStack on an infomercial a few years ago (that's remnants of the video on our website), but our Made-in-USA product didn't have the margins to support such expensive advertising. Turns out that most infomercial products are pieces of junk made for pennies... but our SpiceStack is built tough and organizes forever!

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