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By Kathy Price-Robinson of Kathy's Remodeling Blog

platform bedThis platform bed closely resembles the one in Jennifer Aniston's bedroom, as featured in Architectural Digest. Photo: Apartment Therapy Chicago

Most of us are wealthy like Jennifer Aniston. And we may not have her killer figure or her movie star status. But we can sleep in a gorgeous platform bed like Aniston's -- was featured in Architectural Digest -- and for a lot less than she likely paid for hers.

So how can we afford such a luxurious bed? We can make it ourselves.

What makes this bed frame extra special is its generous size. The platform extends past the mattress on all sides, providing ample surface to rest things like books, drinks, and your cell phone. The end tables that flank the bed are actually extensions of the bed frame itself. Extra space at the foot of the bed allows for other luxuries, like a cushion for seating.

Of course, you need a fairly large room to accommodates a bed this size. But if you build such a bed yourself, you can scale down its proportions to suit your room size.

For inspiration on how to build this bed, we turned to carpentry guru Gary Katz, publisher of the popular site This is Carpentry. (He also created these outstanding digital illustrations!)

"This bed design is a great one," says Katz. "The bed seems to float above the floor, and the top of the bed floats above the bed frame. Both details are easy to accomplish," he adds. "And the materials are simple to collect, too." The dimensions shown here focus on a king-size mattress. Here's how Katz breaks it down for us:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=871880&pid=871879&uts=1271778263

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

This platform bed, featured in the March 2010 issue of Architectural Digest, is built with attached "ears" -- side tables that are big enough to hold oversize lamps.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

The bed's platform has a groove at its base that makes it appear to float above the floor.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

Following the instructions below, you'll make the frame of the platform first, using 1-by-8-inch pine boards standing vertically. Then you'll make the top of the platform with 1-by-8-inch pine boards lying flat.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

As you see above, a strip of thin molding, called an edge banding, is applied around the edge of the platform. This covers up the ends of the boards that have been cut, giving it a cleaner finish. On the facing of the bed frame, 1-by-6-inch pine boards are installed. These details are what create the shadow line (also called a reglet); this recessed line gives the bed a classy edge. It's all in the details.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

Before staining a soft and porous wood like pine, you should use a conditioner that will help the stain go on smoother and without blotches. Minwax makes a good Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner, which you apply with a cloth or a brush. You may want to stain with a honey oak or dark oak stain. After that, seal with a water-based polyurethane coating, which you apply with a bristle or foam brush.

Build a floor frame exactly the same dimensions as the interior frame; in this case, 106.5 inches by 94.5 inches, using 2-by-4s installed flat on the floor.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

It should be exactly the same dimensions as the interior frame; in this case, 106.5 inches by 94.5 inches, using 2-by-4s installed flat on the floor.
Then build the interior frame on top using a series of 1-by-8-inch pine boards standing on edge (vertically), spaced 16 inches apart, measured from the center of each board. Use drywall screws to fasten all the boards together.
Then build the interior frame on top using a series of 1-by-8-inch pine boards standing on edge (vertically), spaced 16 inches apart, measured from the center of each board. Use drywall screws to fasten all the boards together.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

Then install 1-by-6-inch trim boards on the face of the entire frame with small finish nails. Extend those 1-by-6 boards around the entire perimeter of the frame

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

...including the end table extensions, as shown above. Then install the finished platform boards on top of the frame, also shown above. Use a saw and cutting guide to be sure the platform boards are perfectly flush.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

As you can see in the illustration above, the chamfered edge on this molding is cut at a 45-degree angle. This gives it more of a polished, rounded look, which is better than just a square piece of molding. Apply with finish nails, with tiny little heads, or with trim-head screws, which look nicer than your average screw.

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

Then make up the bed, take photos, and email them to us at We'd love to see your results!

Create the Look: Jen Aniston Platform Bed

  • C. Branhm

    Good taste from a Famous lady that has class'.

  • Ken

    You are right. She has class and looks. The bed is aesthetically beautiful...HOWEVER, being one that has slept in three rooms that had trumble beds, I say, "NO THANKS". My toes just don' t do well in the middle of the night on their approach run to the bed.

  • karin

    Wow the bed really looks great. My thought is that it would be a royal pain to put the sheets on and make the bed up. You would be reaching over the frame (and I would be bruising my shins on it) or crawling around on the frame on your knees. No thanks

  • Margie

    Let the maid do it - just like Aniston

  • ross

    you are SO right
    Making the bed is exactly what dawned on me.
    I think we can be fairly sure Jen doesnt change the bed herself ---right?
    Also I am 58---I am not sure getting up out of that bed would be age appropriate especially for those of us with so so backs.

  • Tad

    Yep. Changing sheets would be a "once is enough" scenario for me too. Although I love the esthetics of the bed, I'll go for practicality anytime. And I even have a maid!

  • barb

    That is a joke. Do you know how many times she will bump her toes and knees in a day not to mention at night ? What a waist of space and function. Imagine trying to get out of bed at night to go to the bathroom , it's too low and close to step on ,so do you have to take a big leap ? Stupidest thing I ever saw.

  • Lynn

    I agree, the bed looks nice (somebody else probably makes it for her) but whats up with Jen's nasty looking carpet?

  • J. Skinner

    This plan calls for a flat platform with the mattress sitting on top, but looking at the first picture it looks to me like that platform could be a frame with the height being the size of a box spring and from the bottom it looks so even across it makes me think the bedding isn't tucked under, but drops into it.

  • annie


  • Earl

    I agree with Karen. Plus you would likely trip and fall onto the bed now and thanks

  • Anne

    As beautiful as the bed is and whether the sheets are tucked under or drop down, I'd still be stubbing my toes and shins on that everytime I got in or out! :-)

  • Rachel

    We were so far ahead of our time! When I was a kid it was considered a treat to throw a couple of blankets on the floor for a bed. Now I have to be rich to do that?

  • mills

    You all make good points - making the bed, stubbing toes, hard to get in and out. But I can see some benefits. Beds with frames are noisy, expensive. The box springs are expensive and heavy, and sometimes adding all that together makes a bed so high - frame, box plus mattress.

    I can see this platform as a cheap alternative in a teen or child's room. I'd make it a rectangle though, to keep it simple, and do a full size or twin (if that was large enough for the child). Another bonus, you could personalize it for the kid and change it when they grow out of that in a couple of years.

  • pomdeterre

    i hardly think she bought it because it was cheap.

  • Margaret

    Whoa! I thought she said her newly decorated house reminded her of a "big hug". If this bedroom is what getting hugged looks like, I don't want one.

  • msledvegas


  • rockytony

    I am so sick and embarrased from hearing about every single aspect of this woman's life; i.e. her loves, her numerous romantic failures, her eating habits, her travel and now her bed. Let alone the voyeurs who seem to get a thrill from these stories, you might think this 40 year old woman would have learned some self respect by this time. WHO CARES! She is not destined for any recognition of greatness but for her looks and popularity.

  • D. Orlando

    I would add rope lighting under the bevel of the

  • Kathy Price-Robinson

    Terrific idea!

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