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10 Free Services at The Home Depot

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It's not hard for me to open my wallet at home improvement stores. I'm talking seasonal flowers, life-changing paint colors, cool tools, fabulous fixtures, and other crave-worthy items.

But you could actually walk into The Home Depot and get an array of services for free as well! Yes, free. Here are some of this home improvement superstore's fabulous freebies.

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1. Kitchen Design Center
So you're planning a DIY kitchen remodel. That doesn't mean you can't use a little bit (or a lot) of help. We all know there are many talented home design professionals who have way more skill, experience and artistry in their chosen fields that we could benefit from. Trouble is, they tend to charge a hefty fee.

But what if a highly trained professional offered his or her services for no charge? Welcome to the kitchen design center at The Home Depot. Here, you can sit down with someone who designs kitchens all day and plan your own masterpiece. How about the work triangle? Glass in upper cabinet doors? A narrow cabinet next to the range for cookie sheets? It's nice to have someone to talk it over with. Make an appointment at the kitchen design center here.

paint sampleCorbis

2. Computerized Color Matching for Paint
Have you ever gone into the paint section of a home improvement store and stared at those little color chips until your mind turned to mush? It's good to know there are 45 shades of green with a little touch of gray, but how do you choose? Here's what you do: Find an item in your house, in a magazine, or in your closet that has a color you love. You know that spring dress that's the perfect shade of green? Or that that beautiful turquoise vase? Bring that item into The Home Depot's paint department and they'll scan the object using a device called a spectrophotometer to produce a precisely matched paint color.

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Weekly Workshops
These workshops have to be the best deal around. While even the most modest DIY class at a community college, arts and crafts center or retail store can cost $30 to $100 or more, workshops offered at The Home Depot are free. Recent hour-long classes include Interior Paint; Water Conservation; Spring Planting: Vegetable Garden; Installing Bathroom Faucets; Spring Lawn Prep; Installing Ceiling Fans, and How to Buy a Countertop.

4. Do-It-Herself Workshops
These workshops are designed with women in mind -- women unafraid to pick up tools and take on DIY projects. Recent workshops include Interior Paint Featuring Martha Stewart. In 90 minutes, participants learn how to choose paint colors, see the tools and materials needed for a professional finish, prepare and mask walls for paint, watch and learn the best methods for painting ceilings, walls and trim.

5. Kids' Workshops
Designed for kids ages 5 to 12, these three-hour workshops are generally offered on the first Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to noon. A current offering is building a Picket Fence Planter. The idea is to instill kids with useful skills and a sense of accomplishment. After the workshop, have a lunch date and marvel at what an amazing kid you're raising.

Kathy Price-Robinson

6. Wire Shelf Cutting
Have you ever considered wire shelving for your closets but wondered how you would custom fit the shelving to your exact needs? After all, why buy a sophisticating cutting tool if you're only going to use it for a few shelves? Luckily, you don't have to.Your local Home Depot may have a powerful cutter like the one pictured above -- and they're not afraid to use it!

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7. Pipe Cutting and Threading
Installing new plumbing? Well, you can scratch pipe-cutting and threading off your DIY list. At The Home Depot, a great big fancy tool is standing by, along with its human counterpart, to take care of those chores.

8. The Home Depot Channel on YouTube
This service may not count as in-store, but it's a free service nonetheless. The Home Depot's YouTube channel offers high-quality how-to videos will make your time in the store a lot more focused. If you're like me, a visual person, it helps a lot to see how things are done before attempting to DIY. You can watch hundreds of Home Depot videos with titles like How to Start a Container Garden; How to Plant a Garden in a Raised Bed; What's New in Grills; How to Maintain Your Lawnmower, and much more. The channel's even got a catchy tag line: More How To, Less How Much.

9. Online Binder
Creative, energetic DIYers can have a heck of a time staying organized. We have three main topics of conversation: the project we just finished, the project we're working on, and the project we're getting geared up to start. Yes, this is another web-based service: The unique My Binder feature on The Home Depot website allows you to keep track of upcoming workshops, projects you're planning, even alerts you when home maintenance issues are due to be done. To get started, sign up for The Home Depot Home Improver Club.

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10. Ten Percent Price Guarantee
Okay, we cheated a little on this one; it's not exactly a free service. But it still saves you money. Life's short enough, right? So why should we drive all over town to find the lowest price on each item we need for our DIY projects? If you find a regularly priced item somewhere else at a cheaper price, The Home Depot will beat that price by 10%. You not only get the discount, but you also time and gas by not having to do a lot of leg work.

  • Everet Presley

    home depot is a great place to shop(be waited on "hand & foot") by competent,friendly employees.
    Exotics !!

  • Penny

    What Home Depot do you go to??? That must be an amazing store!! I have NEVER seen that kind of service!! NEEEEVER!

  • Mike

    hand and foot?
    What planet are you living on?
    The HD here you're lucky to find someone in the store let alone someone who knows what they are talking about
    Thats what they get when they hire kids for 10 bux an hour and get rid of the people who know their skills



  • Jpg

    Thanks for serving, Dan.

  • Kelley

    Lowe's too offers the Veteran's discount as well as most of the other "freebies" mentioned. Plus, you get friendly service, something that is lacking at my local Home Depot!

  • Tom Mckirdy

    Unless you have been living under a rock these are the least that Home Depot does. They also show you how to cut tile, they cut window shades,carrry items to your car.

  • Dennis

    If you walk in looking for something you better know where it is. And if you find someone to help you all you hear is about how much they hate there job and that Home Depot suck's they are working 2 and 3 dept's in the store I used to like going in there and shop but now I feel more like do I have to go there and you know what I don't have to I am back to the hardware store around the corner you may pay a few cents more but you feel like OK they were real nice in there and know what they were talking about so Thank you Home Depot you have made the Mom and Pop store come back again...

  • Gerry

    I've had the opposite experience, Dennis. I'm a huge supporter of the M&P stores, too, but my Home Depot is very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and seem to like their jobs. It definitely sometimes takes a few minutes to find help, but once you find it, they are great. Sorry to disagree!



  • Larry

    I find the employees have been very well trained, The Girls are just as good or better than the GUYS.
    I have a problem with the People that do installation of Flooring and Water Heaters.
    They have priced themselves out of the Market and won't move Furniture.

  • Danny Abbott

    Home Depot has always been a "fair weather friend". When they are "forced" to care about their customers, they move up to the plate. However; when there is no competition; like Lowes, Home Depot's true colors come out. Thier 10% "guarantee" and quality customer care (service) was suspended in Redding, when Lumberjack folded. They reinstated it when Lowes opened up. It is hard to return to a store you "loved", when you have been "shocked" into the reality of knowing that their "service" is totally CONDITIONAL :-(.

  • Hugh Sutherland

    Home Depot is not the place to shop if you are looking for quality. Pay a little more, save a lot in labor.

  • upurs

    ya...and after all the extra are still motgaged to the hilt...because there is no end to the inflation/over taxation...wages that are "not worth" ...getting outta bed don't sit here and try to feed me this crap...!

  • Stacey Britto

    Purchsed a kitchen from Home Depot with there "free planning" service. DO NOT purchase a kitchen there. The kitchen has come back several times as the cabinet doors do not match. Glazing was not correct and damaged. Customer service has been awful and although manufatcurer admits to a problem HD wants to leave us high and dry, What should have been an exciting adventure has turned into a nightmare...GO SOMEWHERE ELSE for a kitchen for quality and good customer service. I wish we had..( we have had NO kitchen for months). Should have paid the extra money for quality. It is going to cost us more in labor/time as above poster stated to correct their mess.

  • suekatt

    Stacy Britto, we also purchased a kitchen as well as 2 bathroom cabinets as well and we had a WONDERFUL experience. The young lady we worked with had tons of creativity and never made us feel pushed into anything. i dont think they get a commission like these so called professional designers do.
    we spent 45,000 and yes...we had 2 doors come in with wonky stain but that is not home depots fault, it is the cabinet company. home depot jumped in and got them to rush us 2 new doors right away. We also decided to try to save a little cash and use our own electrical person verses the one we could have used from home depot. It took so much longer using an outsider we wish we would have taken the designers advice of theirs as they would have had the entire project under one plan.
    as for the time it takes? Duh! What do you think it should take? you are dealing with several companies, plumbing, electrical, cabinets counter tops...of course it will take time! You obviously didn't listen to them when they walked you through the procedures.
    Try building a brand new house and you will see what kind of "time" commitment you end up with.

  • sue

    I refuse to shop there as I have to drive through a gathering of about 20 or so illegals waiting to be picked up for work. Los them, you might find me back. Lowes does not have that.


    Their stores in hillsborough and polk county fl are overrun with illegal aliens that have put American tradesmen out of work and now they even hire then as clerks in their stores. I won't shop there anymore. Lowes is much nicer and more American.

  • Penny

    No Customer Service what so ever!!! And the Professional Service in the cabinet department is a JOKE!!! They don't care squat about the customer!!! I have been in there looking for help only to have associates walk past me..why?? It's not their freaking department!!!

  • bob

    Home depot stabbed me for a $9.00 can of paint. Premixed almost finished painting the garage door when it came out orange. Went back for satisfaction. Nope. they were going to show the old honkie their power. Manager refused. Old honkie paid for a new can. The old honkie then moved to his new house. Up till this time he thought that Lowe;s was a chain of movie theatres. Went to Lowe's and spent about $7,000. on: electrtical, plumbing, paint and appliances. Wonder who won.

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