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Price Patrol: Replacing a Sink

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Kitchen and bathroom sinks get a lot of daily use and therefore tend to wear more quickly than other furnishings around your home. There are also more moving parts (faucets, handles, drain stoppers, pipes) that require maintenance to last a long time.

More often than not, a sink will need to be replaced at some point, whether it's old and worn, or simply outdated. Replacing a sink is one of the most popular kitchen or bath upgrades.

Many times a sink and countertop are replaced as part of a larger remodel, but if you're happy with your current design and only have a budget to replace the sink then you can simply upgrade it and you'll save time and money.


The mess of water lines, pipes and levers below your sink that you typically ignore all will come into play when replacing your sink. If you'd rather not fiddle with the plumbing, then definitely hire a professional plumber to disconnect, remove and install the sink.

A plumber won't select a sink for you, though. If you need design help, you can consult a professional kitchen/bath designer - but it may be hard finding one who will work on selecting a sink alone. A kitchen designer may charge several hundred dollars for their services. Obviously, it would be more cost-friendly for you to scour magazines and websites for designs you like.

When hiring a plumber ask your friends and family for references; then make sure to check with your local government agency to make sure the plumber are licensed.

You should have the new sink ready for the installer upon arrival.You shouldn't let the installer leave before making sure your new sink is working properly and your bathroom is as clean as when they arrived. (Yes, it's their job to clean up the mess they made.)

Labor costs vary across the country and travel time can also be included in an hourly rate. Replacing a sink can be a 1 to 2 hour job for a pro (perhaps a bit longer for a DIYer, but this is by no means a time-consuming job). and rates can be $75 to $150 an hour or more. All told, hiring professionals to choose and install your sink can cost up to $500. Installation alone; about $300. Add to that the price of the sink itself

As mentioned above, replacing a sink is not the most time-consuming task. But plumbing can be intimidating for many DIYers. Fear not! With the proper tools and instructions, you can replace a sink successfully without any professional training at all. Just about anyone can do it.

And here's the best part: you'll not only save money (perhaps enough to buy a fancier sink than you may have been able to afford before), but you'll also gain a sense of satisfaction for learning how to work with plumbing. That will keep paying dividends for years to come.

It's always easiest to select a sink that's similar to the current one. But if you're contemplating a dramatic style change, then you will be facing additional work in altering the plumbing, countertops or walls. There are many variations of sinks and plumbing setups. Some drop in sinks can

Tools & Supplies

sink, drillKOHLER Self-Rimming Sink; RIDGID 18v Drill/Driver Combo. Photos: The Home Depot

- Recommended drop-in sink: KOHLER Archer(TM) Self-rimming Sink - $99
- Crescent 2 Piece Adjustable Wrench Set, 6 In. and 10 In. - $19.97
- BrassCraft Basin Wrench - $11.33
- RIDGID 18v Drill/Driver Combo - $89.88
- Ryobi 4.8A Jigsaw - $49.00
- DAP clear silicone caulk - $2.14
- Caulk Gun $26.97
- 5-Gallon Bucket - $2.34

So, are you ready to replace a sink yourself -- and save?


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