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The most popular room to remodel is the kitchen. There are so many areas to upgrade, but new cabinets can make the most impact visually.

As with any project, if you stay within the current footprint of your cabinet setup, you'll have a much easier time installing new cabinets. But once you start moving appliances such as range hoods or tearing into new walls, your remodeling budget can skyrocket.

So is it worth the money to hire out this big job? Or is it a better use of your resources to take on this project yourself and save money? You decide.


Installing kitchen cabinets is a job for more than one person, there's a lot of heavy lifting involved. If you don't have a ready friend or group of friends to help, that's one reason to hire professionals. There's the time factor too. Pros are trained to do the job quickly. DIY'ing, especially if it's your first time, will inevitably take longer.

There are a number of different ways a contractor may price a job.

1. By the hour: Time estimates for labor are the easiest. Skilled installers may charge $50-$200 per hour. Installing cabinets can take anywhere from five to ten hours -- with the cost reaching as high as $2,000 for labor alone.
2. By the foot: Some contractors choose to bid on projects based on the size of cabinets. These rates can vary but $100 per linear foot is standard.
3. Percentage of piece: This method is common but not vary reliable. Charging 10-25% of the cabinets' cost can get astronomical, depending on the cabinets you choose.
4. By the piece: This method is based on pricing individual cabinets and takes into account the level of difficulty such as time for appliance openings, changes of direction in the cab lineups, tight-to-ceiling versus down-from-ceiling, etc.


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Installing your own kitchen cabinets takes some time and patience and with a partner or two, you'll be able to do it on your own. It should cost you a little more than $300 (plus the cost of cabinets).

Before you hang your cabinets, you'll need to make sure you have the following tools on hand:

48" Level: This is needed to determine if the floor is even and to maintain level countertops. $28.97
25' Tape Measure: You'll need a tape measure throughout this project. $19.97

Provided the cabinets are delivered with the proper materials such as doors, hinges, drawer pulls, door pulls and screws, you'll need these additional tools to hang and install the cabinets.

Combination Square: This is required for ultimate accuracy when hanging cabinet doors. $14.84
Screwdrivers: You can get by with much less but we like the comfort and variety of the Klein set. $49.94
Cordless Drill/Driver: You'll need at least an 18V cordless for drilling holes and driving screws. The Ryobi is lightweight and comfortable. $159
Bit and Driver Kit: These drill bits and drivers attach quickly and give you the basics for a good price . $19.97

So...are you ready to do it yourself -- and save?

  • Kitchen Cabinet Kit

    When I decided to renovate my kitchen I went with the DIY approach. I ordered a Kitchen Cabinet Kit from KitchenCabinetDepot. I found the DIY process to be very rewarding and I could not be happier with the results.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Kit

    When I decided to renovate my kitchen I decided to go with the DIY approach. I ordered Kitchen Cabinet Kits from I could not be happier with the results and I found the DIY process to be very rewarding.

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