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mirror, ceiling medallionMrs. FIXIT

I love to walk the aisles of home improvement stores and dream up new projects.

So last week, as I was wandering through the lighting section of The Home Depot, I spied a bunch of ceiling medallions on display. They looked so pretty -- such great architectural detail -- so I thought they would be nice to display somewhere other than the ceiling; somewhere more at eye level. How about the wall?

That's when I came up with the idea to turn this medallion into a mirror. This project can be accomplished with old ceiling medallions too; check thrift shops, yard sales, and any demolition/renovation sites you know of.

Here's how I constructed a chic wall mirror using a ceiling medallion and some basic supplies.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=872500&pid=872499&uts=1271872646

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Ceiling Medallion: Get a new one or salvage one from an antiques store or demolition site.
Paint: I recommend acrylic craft paints in a few related colors. I like to blend colors to get a custom layered look)
Brushes: Inexpensive chip brushes work for covering large areas and getting into crevices. Foam brushes are great for swiping paint over areas you want to highlight, like raised details.
Mirror adhesive: I used liquid nails mirror adhesive, but any brand that is specified as mirror-safe will work.
Small round mirror to fit the recessed center

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

To start, cover a flat work surface with some plain brown or white paper and place your medallion front and center. I like to use a plastic food tray for mixing paints. You can save yours from when you order takeout! They're also great for sorting beads or other craft items.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Paint the medallion carefully with your craft acrylics. Make sure to press your brush into the recessed edges around the perimeter of the medallion. For the base coat, I used antique gold paint mixed with a little amber paint. The great thing about this project is you can choose any paint combination that suits your decor.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

While you're working, turning your brush up on it's side while you're working will help you get into the little crevices and recessed areas. You can also pounce the bristles into those areas to be sure that you've got it all covered.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Once the medallion is dry, go back over some of the raised details with a deeper color to highlight those details. Gently brush over the top of the raised detailing to make it stand out from the rest of the medallion; your foam brush will also come in handy for this step.

Then let it dry again.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Put a few dollops of mirror adhesive around the recessed center of the medallion and gently but evenly push the mirror into place. Make sure not to move the mirror once you've pressed it into the adhesive; it could pull off the reflective backing on the mirror.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Allow the adhesive to set according to the package directions and then make sure you clean any fingerprints off of the mirror with some rubbing alcohol and a cloth. The rubbing alcohol will get the fingerprints and evaporate away to a streak free shine!

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Your mirror is ready to display! Try resting the mirror on an easel and turning it into tabletop decor.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

Or you can simply hang it on the wall. Pick a small section of wall -- in between windows or next to a doorway, for example -- instead of a large expanse of wall.

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

As you can see, I chose to hang my new mirror on the wall. It looks like an antique -- and no one needs to know it isn't!

Transform a Ceiling Medallion Into a Mirror

  • Charles Jones

    I still don't know how you got a mirror to match the diameter of the opening in your medallion. I would love to do this, but don't know how to get the mirror.

  • Elaine

    Go to a craft store they have round mirrors in all sizes

  • Normie

    You know, I see so many decorating ideas in this section that are uninspired or useless or senseless. But this idea is absolutely charming and the result make a beautiful accent piece! I love it and thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  • BTDT

    Next week, a statue of a naked lady with a clock where her stomach ought to be.

  • Steven

    It must be sad to be poor, and make your own home furnishings and decor. I know, you are proud of your little accomplshments. But really, it is tacky and cheap. I guess without poor people there would be no rich people.

  • Teresa

    Steven, I am going to guess that you are young. The actual dollar amount used to create something that cost many hundreds of dollars to purchase is astounding. I will give you an example; in my work, the supplies I use are nill. What people pay for is my education and experience. My hobby or craft if you will, is etching mirrors and glass. I can create patterns, words, I do a lot of wedding and anniversary things. This costs me a lot of time. The actual expense of the items vary on the clients taste in the glass to be worked. If someone learned this skill, they too could have a lovely custom mirror that cost them time and materials. Your comment was harsh. Moreover it was lacking in an overall view of the world. I hope your experience grows and you learn real self pride is not in a dollar.

  • Al Schrader

    I transformed a mirror into a ceiling medalion (not)....Al-

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