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If your ceiling fan is shaking, clanging, or just generally looks as if it will spin right out of the ceiling, its fan blades, blade holders or mounting screws are probably out of whack.

Since hot weather is right around the corner, now is a great time to test it out. A squeaky, wobbly ceiling fan isn't just a nuisance: Running it when it's not up to snuff will wear down its motor, and you'll lose out on optimum airflow, too. Ensure cool runnings with these super-simple steps:

First, try to correct the problem on your own:

1. Remove dust from the fan blades.
It gums up the works.

2. Fasten all screws tightly,
and be sure the blade holders are also firmly attached to the fan flywheel.

3. Turn on the fan to see whether you've fixed the problem.
If not, move to the next step.

4. Check blade alignment.
Use a yardstick to determine the distance from the end of each of the blades up to the ceiling. Keep the yardstick in one place as you rotate through the blades. As you're turning, you'll see any obvious differences in alignment.

5. Gently pull down,
or push up, misaligned blades so they're even with the others.

6. Turn the fan back on to see if it now spins smoothly.
If it does, congrats! You're done.

If it things still aren't running smoothly, follow these steps:

1. Buy an inexpensive blade-balancing kit.
It consists of one clip-on and several adhesive, "balancing" weights.

2. Fasten the clip-on weight onto the midpoint of any blade.
Keep turning the fan on and off and play around with positioning to determine where the imbalance is. Differences in placement may correct the problem; move the weight from blade to blade until you get it right.

3. Stick one of the balancing weights on top, and in the center, of the blade that seems rightly positioned.
(You can always add more weight if need be.) Be sure it lines up exactly wherever the balancing clip works best.

Either way, fixing a wobbly fan is, well, a breeze!

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  • Jeff

    It's a breeze until the existing plastic box in the ceiling that you attached it to breaks, and the spinng fan blades come down on your head :(

    P.S. Plumbing/Electrical...........Hire a proffesional

  • a33usdlvbag

    look is good

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