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House siding serves two practical purposes: to shed water, and to protect the structure from the elements. Siding also has an aesthetic purpose: to make the house look nice. However, when the siding gets damaged, you get the opposite effect: a house that looks really crummy.

This is especially true with aluminum siding. What could look worse than aluminum siding with a big hole in it? Time to cover that damage and kick up your curb appeal.

1. Cut the sides and top around the damaged spot with a utility knife and a straight edge. Don't' worry, you can cut the siding with a knife. After all, that's why you're in this situation in the first place: aluminum siding cuts (and tears) easily. You can also use tinner snips or other cutting tools.

2. Pull the piece out.

3. Clean the siding on either side of your repair. You will be applying sealant here.

4. Cut a new piece of aluminum siding about 3" wider on each side than the piece you've cut away. (Note to self: When getting new siding on an existing home, or building a new home, set aside some siding pieces for future repairs.)

5. Cut off the nailing strip on top, as you won't need it.

6. Apply clear sealant (silicone caulk) to the back of the patch.

7. Place the new piece of siding over the cut-away opening, slipping the top edge at least 1/4" under the piece of siding above.

8. Snap bottom into place and press piece flat to existing siding.

9. Clean up excess sealant.

When the sealant dries properly (check out manufacture instructions), prime and paint with color-matched paint suitable for aluminum.


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