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Tricks for getting the most ooey, gooey messes out of your hair (and your carpets, and your clothes...)

We've all been in some sticky situations -- literally. Silly putty, gum, dried glue and sticker residue can be some of the most persistent types of stains. They just want to, well, stick. Here, how to treat them.

Silly Putty isn't so silly when it's matted into your carpet. To remove it, spray liberally with a lubricating oil like WD-40, let it sit for a minute and then remove as much as possible with a metal spoon. The spoon must be sturdy enough to scrape the mess out of the carpet without damaging the fibers. Once all of the putty is gone, clean the area with warm soapy water and cloths to remove any traces of the oil and putty -- use a white cloth to prevent dye from rubbing off into your carpet.

gum, shoeGetty Images

Whether you've stepped in it, dropped it, or otherwise made a mess with it, chewing gum is a pain to get out (as most moms know!). Next time you're faced with a gummy mess, grab some baby oil and saturate the gum. Leave it on for a minute and then wipe it away with a paper towel. If you need to remove the oil, wipe with white vinegar. If you don't have any baby oil in the house try some lubricating spray like WD-40. Apply it directly to the gum, wait five minutes, then wipe the gum and all of the sticky residue away with a paper towel.


I will never understand why a store would put the price stickers on the glass of a picture frames rather than the back. Most of the time, price stickers leave behind a tacky residue when you peel them off -- and it's particularly hard to remove sticker residue from glass. Try this: Put a piece of tape over the tag, run your fingernail over it a few times, then peel the tape and the price tag off with ease! If there is any leftover sticker goo on the glass rub it off with a little waterless hand cleaner! (Editor's note: You can also try citrus-scented Goo Gone -- it works wonders!)


So the kids decided to do crafts on the carpet again? Never fear. You can dissolve dried glue (white glue or glue sticks) with white vinegar. Warm the vinegar for thirty seconds in the microwave, then dip a white cloth with it. Lay the cloth over the glue and leave it there for five minutes. Once the glue has softened, you can remove it from the carpet with a spoon, and then follow it up with some soapy water. *Tip: If you have a colored carpet, test vinegar in a hidden spot to make sure it won't discolor the fibers.

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Tree sap and tar can be removed from your skin and floors with some petroleum jelly. Grab the Vaseline and spread it over the stained area, let it sit for a few minutes and simply wipe the sap away! Remember, the petroleum jelly will make the a surface slick so follow up by washing with a little soapy water to break up the jelly. Then dry the surface well.

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  • Jackie

    If you don't want a sticky mess..........DON'T HAVE KIDS....THEY ARE OVER RATED....

  • my3girls

    Too bad your parents didn't say that!

  • Dont worry

    Jackie be quiet. No there not overated. your mother made you a sticky mess. go clean up.

  • bigmike

    I agree completely, Jackie. And fuck whoever said "shame your parents didn't say that." Fuck them. There has to be people who don't want to have kids, if everyone just felt like they were obligated to reproduce, the world would be grossly overpopulated right now. Kids are a pain in the ass. Maybe you don't realize it because they are YOUR kids, but I sure know other people's kids piss me off. So keep your judgements to yourself, this is America, people are free to feel and say whatever they want. it's a shame YOUR parents didn't say that before they had your judgemental ass.

  • tom kelly

    Yeah...the unappreciative little bastards! And I'm pretty dang tired of Christmas, too.

    What? Me crabby?

    No. Just sensible.

  • D

    Well then just keep swallowing like your mamma should have and you won't have to worry about it.

  • lovebug

    Swallowing is soo gross!!!!!!!

  • tom kelly

    Woo HOOOO!
    Score one for you.
    Good one.

  • Tony

    Your commnet said ( Swallowing is so gross )
    I feel bad for your man. You must be so broring in bed.
    Learn your place in life and that is to service your man any way he wants it....

  • Bonbon

    Every one of these problems can be solved with WD-40. One day a friend sent me an email with all the uses for this product and I was totally amazed. (You can maybe Google it if you want to see.) I would never have thought of some of them but it solves a multitude of problems. It gets bug guts off your car and grease spots off your stove. It keeps flies off your cows! Takes the sting out of fire ant bites (I LOVE this one!).

    And, no, this is not an endorsement nor a plug for it. It's just very handy.

  • LexingtonKaren

    Okay, if you can put petroleum jelly on your floors for tree sap, do I slather up my vehicle to get it off??? I had to park under a maple tree for about six months, and can find nothing that will remove it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


    But won't the oil in WD40 stain the carpet, and stink and be impossible to get out? So, how do you them get the WD40 out of the carpets HUmmmmmm?

  • freeman

    Believe it or not, paint thinner will remove any WD-40 residue, and it will evaporate without leaving an odor...done it before.


    Wd40 is good for arthritis, if you spray it on the spot that hurts,and rub it in it works to take the pain away! Crazy? Try it works! lol

  • vorpalswd

    I hear that if you get gum in your hair (this happens a lot to kids who fall asleep chewing gum), you can get it out with peanut butter.

  • m

    put ice cubes on the gum to freeze it then break it off, saves cutting hair and messiness. also works on carpet etc.

  • willie

    Sticky,dried male DNA on tank tops and women's t-shirts is also a problem - my solution has been to let the garment dry, run some water water over it then put it in the sun.

  • Chris

    Yes, vorpalswd:
    peanut butter does get gum out of hair...........Caution though, the child must NOT be allergic to

  • Tresa

    We own a Christmas tree farm and we found that the best thing to remove sap from just about anything is Windex.

  • Terry

    Price stickers - the best thing for removing these are Ronson Lighter Fluid. Cheaper and faster then Goo Gone.

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