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Tricks for getting the most ooey, gooey messes out of your hair (and your carpets, and your clothes...)

We've all been in some sticky situations -- literally. Silly putty, gum, dried glue and sticker residue can be some of the most persistent types of stains. They just want to, well, stick. Here, how to treat them.

Silly Putty isn't so silly when it's matted into your carpet. To remove it, spray liberally with a lubricating oil like WD-40, let it sit for a minute and then remove as much as possible with a metal spoon. The spoon must be sturdy enough to scrape the mess out of the carpet without damaging the fibers. Once all of the putty is gone, clean the area with warm soapy water and cloths to remove any traces of the oil and putty -- use a white cloth to prevent dye from rubbing off into your carpet.

gum, shoeGetty Images

Whether you've stepped in it, dropped it, or otherwise made a mess with it, chewing gum is a pain to get out (as most moms know!). Next time you're faced with a gummy mess, grab some baby oil and saturate the gum. Leave it on for a minute and then wipe it away with a paper towel. If you need to remove the oil, wipe with white vinegar. If you don't have any baby oil in the house try some lubricating spray like WD-40. Apply it directly to the gum, wait five minutes, then wipe the gum and all of the sticky residue away with a paper towel.


I will never understand why a store would put the price stickers on the glass of a picture frames rather than the back. Most of the time, price stickers leave behind a tacky residue when you peel them off -- and it's particularly hard to remove sticker residue from glass. Try this: Put a piece of tape over the tag, run your fingernail over it a few times, then peel the tape and the price tag off with ease! If there is any leftover sticker goo on the glass rub it off with a little waterless hand cleaner! (Editor's note: You can also try citrus-scented Goo Gone -- it works wonders!)


So the kids decided to do crafts on the carpet again? Never fear. You can dissolve dried glue (white glue or glue sticks) with white vinegar. Warm the vinegar for thirty seconds in the microwave, then dip a white cloth with it. Lay the cloth over the glue and leave it there for five minutes. Once the glue has softened, you can remove it from the carpet with a spoon, and then follow it up with some soapy water. *Tip: If you have a colored carpet, test vinegar in a hidden spot to make sure it won't discolor the fibers.

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Tree sap and tar can be removed from your skin and floors with some petroleum jelly. Grab the Vaseline and spread it over the stained area, let it sit for a few minutes and simply wipe the sap away! Remember, the petroleum jelly will make the a surface slick so follow up by washing with a little soapy water to break up the jelly. Then dry the surface well.

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  • Jack

    The best thing to remove price stickers is heat. If the sticker is on a glass container, fill it with hot water, let it sit for a minute, then peel the sticker off. If the sticker is on anything else, hit it with a hair dryer. Be careful if the sticker is on plastic or anything else that might be damaged by heat. Any residual glue can be easily lifted off with a piece of Scotch tape.

  • bigmike

    tried and true....

  • Steve

    Peanut butter works to remove everything. If you kids ever get gum in there hair, just use peanut butter.

  • c miller

    Have you ever tried Citrol from Schaeffer Mfg. It takes off almost everything. It turns gum into little tiny granules and it will take it out of carpet and even kids hair.
    It removes duct tape addheasive,deacal glue,oil,grease,lipstick,oil out of concrete.
    If you can get a hold of a can and try it, you will almost alway use it first because it works on almost everything.
    It also smells great!

  • theresa

    Vodka takes price stickers off glass as well

  • shhurtjr

    Don't have any WD-40? Put the stuck-up article in the freezer. When it is solidly frozen, the gum will crumble out. Any stains left behind should wash out.

  • Brittany

    Nail Polish remover is the best way to remove Silly Putty, I have found. Just get as much up as you can, apply liberally and scrub, it just dissolves away. Although then it smells like nail polish remover for a while but it goes away pretty quickly.

  • tymberwolfe911

    do what singapore does WHAPP your azz with a cane 20-30 times for even throwing gum on streets owwww

  • tom kelly

    FAAA-bulous! And you can take a little nip (or two) while doing the job.
    Which I don't recommend with WD-40, or other products mentioned!

    Ta DAAA!

  • Cheryl

    Amazing how BigMike's comment got posted but mine didn't. And YES, I clicked on the link in the email to confirm my comments! Some people here should just STFU and keep the negative comments about kids to themselves. And if you don't like kids DON'T RISK IT BY HAVING SEX! I LOVE ALL OF MY KIDS.

  • tom

    if we could only fix the oil leak in the Gulf

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