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Pavers Patio

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Installing a pavers patio is a great, durable way to create a walkway through your garden.

  • mario mireles

    Sir if you are Installing a pavers patio I recommend you use a rubber hammer.

  • B

    A rubber mallet? You mean like he does in this video

  • Tess

    I love Eric Stromer! He makes everything look easy! Http://

  • Jncsmom

    looks like work to me

  • Paula

    I like working in my garden - Http://

  • maureen


  • Billy Sea

    Eric doesn't know his butt from first base. I remember seeing one of his HGTV videos of him and his family having Christmas at their home. The place was a total disaster. On top of that, the work that had been done was that of a bad amateur.

  • Nadine Garwitz

    Oh Billy, you're just jealous of Eric. Shut up and get a life.

  • jearleyd

    NOOOOOOOO NOT GRAVEL! Use Crusher Run (CR 8, or CR 6) which is 3/4 inch gravel and finer. The regular 3/4 inch bluechip gravel he used will not compact.

  • Bazz

    Wow 12 Pavers installed > he must be exhausted!!!

  • nan

    i guess most of these comments came from people who have nothing better to do than slam someone else. for the average weekend warrior it was good info. there are some who haven't a clue what to do when it comes to these things. j's've got too much time on your hands. try putting them to work or better yet just hire someone....have a good day all

  • rivrivi

    Sourpuss :)

  • Wayne

    Hey nan you are wrong, if you like bad advise and enjoy doing things twice listen to eric!

  • melinda


  • emma

    It cost us, in phases, $10,000 to do what professional landscaping companies wanted $100,000 to do. It can be hard work if you do large areas like we did, but it's worth it if you take your time and follow a plan.

    But even on a small job, you should not use gravel like another commenter mentioned - you want crusher run. Also, one mistake my husband made that is also in this video, is that he went cheap on paver mortar and used more sand instead. This summer we're power washing the entire paved area's grooves to wash out all the sand so we can sweep in more paver cement in because sand means ANT HILLS. We have hundreds of ant hills in sand-filled grooves. Eric didn't use any paver mortar at all and I can tell this walkway will also be home to many, many ants. It's worth buying a bag of paver mortar even for a small job. Just sweep it in like he showed with the sand and lightly wet. It comes in many pretty colors. Sand will also allow you paver to move and with every rain, will wash away.

    It's also best to rent a power tamper for larger jobs. TIP: if you rent equipment on a holiday weekend when a rental center is closed you don't have to pay for that day!

    A paved walkaway (we also paved a court with steps) adds thousands of dollars to your home value and is so nice, especially in winter.


    Thanks for the tips Emma and Jearleyd :)

  • micky eggs

    i'm not a pro at using pavers, but i did install my own 14x14 at the bottom of the deck's stairs. i did know from being a person who was blue collar repair tech. and later managing an estate, that you never use a claw hammer to level pavers if you prepped the area right they should fall into place with no leveling needed. if you have to tap them in place, for goodness sake use a rubber mallet. 2nd. always use knee pads when moving on pavers ; they'll kill your knees. and last don't lay them with your bare hands they'll look 10 times worse than your knees. gloves are not practical they are too clumsy wrap strips of duct tape around your fingers so the pavers go where you want. you'll be surprised how quickly the tape starts to tear and needs to be changed, better the tape than your fingers. always have lots of really cold water because the stones hold the heat of the day. you know excepting mike holmes and norm the rest of these "stars" wouldn't need to be on tv if they were really that good

  • Alice

    He wasn't using the claw hammer to level the pavers, he was using the claw hammer to install the plastic thingie that keeps the pavers from moving. Obviously, you are a straight man, because a gay man or a red blooded woman would have watched Eric just for the sake of watching him and would have SEEN what he was doing with the claw hammer. Watch! Then if u have complaints, fine.

  • TJ

    Wayne: Perhaps you are right--that some of Eric's advice is bad, but just saying that doesn't help me one bit. If you would kindly explain what you find at fault with his advice, please explain. THAT would be very helpful, "Thank you," at least to me.

    Also - thanks for the paver-mortar comment. I was wondering myself, and thought I would do that anyway, even though it's completely flat and high with excellent drainage anyway where I'll be putting the small patio -- just to keep everything stable.

  • Alice

    PS Thanks for the good tips, though!

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