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Pavers Patio

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Installing a pavers patio is a great, durable way to create a walkway through your garden.

  • Roy

    What tool did he use to dig the trench, do you think? Excavation of dirt in my location will require the removal of big stones and lots of debris. Pick and shovel and wheelbarrow would have taken several days if working solo, even for a he-man like Eric.
    Why don't these videos ever display the true grunt work?
    IMO, that is the true tough to do work. After that, you can tell me about the details.
    Appreciate the good tips, however. Thanks!

  • LYNN

    Eric did use the rubber mallet for the pavers that were a little to high. He also used the claw hammer for the stakes to secure all the pavers so not to move. There is a product called paver sand, (it isn't just sand) it also has a binder, or adhesive cement in it.

  • Frank T

    I saw paverstones made from rubber tires being used on a "sweat equit"y show on 27 December 2010 at around 3 pm CST, They were using them to build a backyard patio. I liked that idea and have been trying to find out where to get these. They were like regular bricks on a 12 inch square pad and could be moved around any way you wish. Anybody got any idea what I'm talking about and where to get them. Also, maybe the price? Thanks

    Frank T.

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