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Earlier this month, we suggested a few effective ways to ward off mosquitoes this summer. Then we asked you, our readers, to share your very best tips for keeping mosquitoes at bay...and boy, did you deliver!

We pinpointed ten of our favorite reader suggestions for altering your outdoor environment to keep those hungry insects from turning us into the main course at our next barbecue.

chiminea, how to get rid of mosquitoesChiminea. Photo: kretyen, Flickr

"I have a chiminea on my patio and when i do a campfire, I throw in a few chunks of pinion wood. it works like a charm keeping the skeeters away." -- Rick L

"After noticing that flies and mosquitoes didn't seem to be around our deck when the conditions were breezy, I moved a cyclone fan onto the deck and kept it on low. The principle is that the little critters can't get their bearings in the moving air. It seems to work." -- Pathfinder

scented geraniumLemon Scented Geranium, a.k.a. Mosquito Plant. Photo: melynda.huskey, Flickr

"I have geranium plants on front and back porch and haven't seen mosquitoes in years." -- Jayne
(Editor's note: Lemon-scented geranium, also known as Mosquito plant, is the specific type of geranium to plant to repel mosquitoes.)

"This solution always worked for me when I lived in Florida. Take an old garden feeder that attaches to your garden hose and fill with the following solution: 1/3 stale beer (any kind), 1/3 epsom salt and 1/3 mouth wash (with alcohol). Put it in the feeder, attach it to the hose and spray your entire yard including shrubs, trees and even door ways. We did this twice a year and never had to worry. The smell will be strong at first but then in about an hour you won't be able to tell." -- Tracy

ThermaCELL mosquito repellentThermaCELL mosquito repellent appliance. Photo: The Home Depot

"ThermaCELL Portable Mosquito Repellent Appliance. Available in Home Depot or Lowes. THEY WORK." -- Charlie

"The most effective thing I have done is putting water on a white paper plate, then adding a few drops on lemon Joy [dish detergent] on either side of the place I'm sitting. The mosquitoes are drawn to the Joy, not you." -- Tennwilliams

"Put used coffee grounds in standing water. When the larvae hatches they float to the surface of the water and get covered by the oils from the grounds and it kills them. I think it cuts off their oxygen. Plus it's safe for the environment." -- Kenny

"We have had a Mosquito Magnet on our acre forested property for several years. We are on our second unit and we catch thousands of mosquitoes almost every month." -- Michele

"Try using Red Cedar mulch or chips; you find the big 25-50 pound bags at Lowe's or The Home Depot. Spread it in the yard and it will keep them away. Make a tea out of the chips and put in a pump sprayer or bottle and spray it on the patio or walkways where you can't spread the chips because they will be tracked into the house. It really works and it's on the cheap side." -- Brazztazz

dry iceDry ice. Photo: joka2000(busy), Flickr

"Mosquitoes find us by zeroing in on the carbon dioxide we exhale. Put a chunk of dry ice, which is solidified carbon dioxide, in a bucket 15 ft. or more away from the party area and they will flock to it and not to you. As the dry ice "melts" the carbon dioxide releases into a cloud of gas around the bucket, much denser than what you'll be exhaling so much more enticing to the mosquitoes." -- Argie

  • Karen

    All great ideas Http:// to get rid of bugs and keep them away, thank you.

  • Val

    Just got back from Africa. Got eaten up. Locals told me to buy a live basil plant and put it in my room. Open market vendors keep them at their stands to keep the pests away. It's a pretty plant and the smell is not too strong, unless you go up and sniff it. Try it! Cheap too!

  • anne

    Thank you. So very grateful for some chemical free options. I can't stand bug spray. If it's strong enough to kill bugs, why would you put it on your skin?

  • Jan

    Mosquito repellent does not kill, it hides our body oders, so the mosquito's are not attracted to us. Use Skin-so-soft by Avon, if you are afraid of chemicals. Have a safe summer.

  • louise

    Here is the best chemical free option ever - go to and check it out. Greenbug is completely natural and 100% effective in repelling as well as killing pests. This stuff is AWESOME!!!!

  • Jerry

    I take a garlic pill each morning and it keeps bugs away all day, and no one has ever commented about a garlic smell.

  • Cheryl

    Skin so soft works great...keeps those mosquito's away!

  • Ruby

    Hornets build a nest or cone in the small space between ledge and screen. What can I put in or on that area to repel hornets?

  • cb

    Actually, repelling them after they have already started their hive isn't going to work. But I had the same problem about a year ago. I took a can of spray-on bed liner - cheap at Wal-mart - and covered the hive with it. It solidified them INSTANTLY! Leave it up for a couple of days so that any hornets that were away when you sprayed relocate, then take it down. You can chuck it - or spray the bottom of the nest with more bedliner and have a really cool paperweight. (It will buzz for a few days - but there is no escape.) Also, the bedliner comes off of siding or metal with a scrub brush, and it flakes off of wood, so any clean-up is easy.

  • L.A.

    Try a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alchol. This will also work in holes in wood in which bees or other flying insects build their abodes. You will have to re-do them about every 30 days, but at least it's not bug killer.

  • roy

    To keep bees,wasps and yellow jackets from building nests in areas. Place a small radio at very low volume in the area. It will keep them away for some reason. For years both the well house and garage had swarms. Once we placed a cheap radio playing 24/7 they all left. I had been told to find a talk mostly station. However hope that helps I know it did for us.

  • April

    To keep hornets/wasps from nesting in small areas, I light a candle and drip the wax into the opening. It traps anything in it and kills it, and keeps others from using that area.

  • Brenda

    sevin dust will do the job sprinkle it where they are & soon they will be gone

  • MK

    Put some household amonia in a spray bottle, spray about once a month or when you see them flying around the area. Works great.

  • norrin

    Call the Mosquito Authority. They come out and spray and you are mosquito free for 21 days.

  • Geegee Davis

    My dog is protected from fleas and heartworms with her meds., but chiggers ( redbugs) seem to be attacking her and me when we are outside. If we get bitten by chiggers they itch for a month !! They are horrible !! How can I get rid of these tiny monsters??? They are so tiny you can barely see them, but they can make you miserable for sooo long. Thanks for your ideas.

  • L.A.

    Try sulphur powder. I know that when we were kids, Mom used it on all five of us and it worked. I would definitely check with your Vet first before applying it, but usually, a dog can use human stuff and visa versa.

  • Petunia02

    I don't know how to keep chiggers from biting,but if you do get bitten dab clear fingernail polish on each bite. It suffocates the chiggers and they die.

  • Pat

    Old remedy is once the little chiggers have bitten you, put clear nail polish on the area they have bitten, and that kills them. Sounds corny, but it works.

  • airsky

    I was told and have done this for those nasty pets, rob alcohol on the bits. this will make it where they can't breath, they will die.


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