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Who knew that a little brew could perform these convenient summertime tasks?

Partially full beer bottles are always a part of my barbecue clean-up routine. To avoid being wasteful, I dump them in the garden. Now, that might sound like an odd place to dump beer -- and you may be wondering what's so resourceful about pouring it in the dirt anyway. But the garden is actually the perfect spot for leftover beer. A good, old-fashioned brew has some other cool uses too.

Enrich Soil
Yeast is beneficial to plants, so pour a few tablespoons of flat beer into your garden to cultivate the soil. The yeast-filled soil will help plants grow healthier and make your garden flourish.


Trap Bees
If bees are a problem in your yard, you can battle them with beer. Punch a series of 3/8-inch holes in the top of an old jar. Fill the jar with beer, screw the top in place and put it in the yard where you've seen bees. They'll be attracted to the beer and will be able to get into the jar -- but not out!

Banish Slugs
If slugs have infiltrated your garden and are munching away at your greenery, bury an empty tuna fish can next to your plants so that just the lip is sticking out. Fill the can with beer and check it in the morning; you should have caught some of those slimy suckers! All you have to do is empty the can each day. This little trick also works with earwigs.

Polish Wood Furniture
Got some leftover beer that's gone flat? Pour a little on a microfiber rag and rub it into your wood furniture to add a little shine and deepen the color.

Tenderize a T-Bone
Firing up the grill? If you find yourself with a tough cut of meat for a barbecue, marinate it for an hour or so in some beer. The beer will infuse the meat with flavor and tenderize it while it sits, so it will cook up nice and juicy.

Tip: If you spill a little beer on yourself, sponge it with equal parts of white vinegar and dish soap, and then flush it out with cool water.

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  • firemtn

    Beer, whether it's left over or fresh, makes a great douche. Try it ladies. You'll not only feel refreshed but you'll immediately feel the need to go hang out in a cheap bar some place.

  • Majid

    One great use of beer is to pour a tea spoon beer in your flower pot once a week ! the nutrition ingredients in the beer does majic for their growth, also it does a great job bringing dead grass patches back to life! try it.

  • K.T. Nordeen

    Spelling - MAGIC not majic !!

  • Helen

    What the hell is the purported "Mrs. Fixit", article writer, going to do when she's killed off all her garden bees, her plants die from lack of pollination, and her ill-minded mush brained mass of followers plants die. Bees are necessary to survival and I'd like to see you prove otherwise.

  • Emily

    Beer is a handy hair conditioner. Its not the best out there, but works great in a pinch! (Ladies take note - guys often don't have conditioner in the shower, but almost always have beer somewhere in their home.)

  • Rose Linck

    How irresponsible to suggest we trap and kill bees at a time when bees are dying off!!!

  • K.T. Nordeen

    Thanks to everyone who wrote in complaining about the advice on killing bees. How uniformed is the person who suggested this outrageous this advice? 50% of the bee population has disappeared in recent years. WE NEED THE BEES you idiot!!

  • Brett

    What can I do to get rid of the Snails/Slugs that are eating up my Hosta? I have tried the beer method, chemicals, diametashus earth

  • JP

    Some people want to get rid of a pesky bug, and for reasons of their own.. That don't mean the whole species will be banished. Did you know that African bee's are finding there way to the united states, that they are calling them "KILLER BEE'S" because they get so angry, they swarm anything that moves or breathes to erritate them. Right now they are in Mexico, killing people just watering there garden, and they are finding there way across the US. They are mating with honey bees. I know there will be people that never agree with others, but there are so many bees out there. If I had a party with quests, and I have food around, I find bee's and flies find there way to the table with food. I don't agree to kill anything, I love nature, and they are meant for all purposes. But sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. So I would look at the whole picture before saying "oh" poor creature. Not to disagree, but, things over populate. That is why they have deer season!


    Instead of carrying an EPIPEN for beestings l will walk around the yard with a glass of beer,

  • blackmyre

    The amount of yeast in brewed beer is minuscule.

  • joe

    True, but alcohol turns to sugar in your body and yeast feeds on sugar which makes for much yeast in your bloodstream

  • jym

    Try drinking it.

  • ohiodi

    I agree with all posters, this guy is a jerk, Bees are dying need to worry about National Debt if no Bees are around to supply food.

  • Tasha

    Why in the world would anyone want to kill bees? The honey they make is a pure and natural remedy for many health issues. For the past 6 years I've been using honey, and no longer suffer from allergy symptoms, or sinus infections. So, YES, let the bees live!!

  • tja

    LOL..........what the beer is really doing is atracting bugs "to to your yard"

  • Bill

    Does anyone know why the honey bee population has declined in recent years?

  • Astoria Gent

    Bill said...
    Does anyone know why the honey bee population has declined in recent years?

    I do...........................They died!

  • Daniel Mullane

    Christine, you and your daughter is polluting the planet - the bees are not.

  • Rachel

    beer is also great for killing those nasty fruit fly's......


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