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Stretch your organization skills. Make a memo board from utility bungee cords. Photo: Gina Provenzano

Sick of that boring corkboard or ultra-feminine French photo board? Dive in to unconventional organization with a wall-mounted memo board made from bungee cords!

Photos, cards, memos, party invites -- it's good to have place to stash these odds and ends in plain sight. That's why memo boards are so popular in kitchens and home offices. But what if you want to add a little flair to your wall without being frilly, ribbon-y, or just plain boring?

It was while I was producing a story about dorm-room decorating that I came up with the idea for a fun and guy-approved memo board -- one made with bungee cords instead of ribbon! Bungee cords are colorful, elastic, and give off an air of adventure. Paired with a few curtain clips (okay, not so masculine) the result is a organizational tool with a ton of personality.

Bungee cords are easy to come by -- they're available online or at home centers, hardware stores and sporting goods stores. Note that bungee cords should not be stretched more than 1.5 times their size.

Tools & Supplies
Wood frame, approximately 20" x 30" (NOTE: Most home centers will cut the wood to size for you.)
MDF 2' x 4' x 1/4" board, cut to fit inside the frame
12 to 14 bungee cords, approximately 10" to 18" in length
Rubber cement
1 to 2 sheets of art paper, approximately 20" x 30" to fit MDF board
Tape measure
#6 flat head screws, 1/2" long
Curtain clips, approximately 12 to 14


1. Cover the board with paper. Place art paper on the MDF board, aligning the edges. If the paper does not cover the board fully, cut a piece an additional sheet of paper to cover the exposed area. You should take measurements beforehand, so you can position the paper's seams in way that looks intentional. Use rubber cement to adhere the paper to board.

2. Frame board. Place the covered MDF board into the frame. Use your hammer to secure it in place with brads.

3. Install the first screws for the horizontal bungees. As you can see in the photo above, the bungee cords should be installed horizontally and vertically to keep your memos secure. Install the screws for the horizontally placed bungee cords before moving on to the vertical ones. First measure and mark a spot approximately 1" down and 1" over from bottom right corner. This will be the starting spot (point A) for your screws. Insert a screw at this marking leaving approximately 1/8" of the screw's threads still above the surface. Measure and mark a spot horizontally across the frame (point B), making certain it is parallel to the first marking. Make sure the distance between points A and B is at least 1.2 times but no greater than 1.5 times the length of the bungee cord in order for the cord to be taut but not snap when hooked on the screws.

4. Install the remaining screws for the horizontal bungees. Continue measuring and marking for the horizontal bungee cord placement randomly over the board. Vary the lengths between the markings as well as the distance between them. Place the screws at each of the markings.

5. Place the bungees. Now hook the bungee cords horizontally onto the screws.

6. Install screws for vertical bungees. Now it's time to set up your vertical bungee cords. Remember, the actual placement of the cords is up to you, but the photo above should provide inspiration. Measure and mark for the vertical bungee cord placement using the existing horizontal cords as your guide. You will want to overlap some of the cords. Again, vary the lengths between the markings as well as the distance between them. Place screws and hook bungee cords weaving the cords under and over the horizontal ones. Remember the rule mentioned before -- the distance between two points of a bungee cord should be at least 1.2 times but no more than 1.5 times the length of the bungee cord.

7. Add curtain clips. Slip curtain clips onto horizontal bungees and squeeze rings to secure.

Then enjoy your new memo board! Where will you be hanging yours?

  • Ryan

    Looks tacky as all get out, but good show.

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