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For all the fun it provides, a backyard pool takes a lot of work to maintain. But I have a few unusual tricks that should help you keep your little piece of paradise in top shape.

Baking Soda Solution
Want an inexpensive way to control the pH level in your pool? Try baking soda. Regular baking soda that you can buy in the grocery store is exactly what is in an alkalinity Increaser that you can get at the pool store. One pound of baking soda equals one pound of the increaser -- at a much lower price!

Patio Furniture Trick
If you're expecting a big storm, gently lower your white resin patio furniture into the pool. Not only will it keep the chairs from blowing away; the chlorine in the water will brighten the white chairs and make them look like new. Double-duty solution!

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Tennis Ball
Inevitably, people in the pool can leave residue in the water. From hair products to lotions that icky stuff will rinse off of people into your pool. Toss a tennis ball into the water and let it float there all of the time. Believe it or not the ball will help absorb excess body oils and leave you with a cleaner pool.

Stockings as Skimmer
If your pool skimmer gets a hole in it, slip the leg of an old pair of stockings over the frame and tie it off. Your easy makeshift skimmer will hold until you can get a new one. Or you may decide that you like it better because you can change the netting easily and inexpensively anytime! You could also bend a wire hanger into a diamond shape and stretch those nylons over the frame -- instant DIY pool skimmer!

Hands-Off Vacuuming
Okay, this one's not a trick, but it is a time-saver. Think about investing in a robotic pool vacuum. It automatically cleans the whole pool while you take care of other chores. I just love hands off cleaning!!
Got any cool pool tips? Share them with us!

  • beeprinting

    I found a lot of pool info on the many, many pages here

  • beeprinting

    I found a lot of info myself on the many pages here

  • John

    If you have a above ground pool that you can run around the inside edge. Get fit and make a whirl pool. It will bring all the small dirt to the middle for quick cleaning.

  • Charlie R

    Fill it in with good topsoil and plant trees.

  • sp

    Will the chlorine really brighten the white patio chairs? How long must you leave it in the pool?

  • sheikyerboutie

    Sure chlorine will clean your plastic chairs but as soon as you put it in the sun it will start to deteriorate even faster! Not a good idea.

  • Stephenf

    Don't put them into the pool especailly if they are dirty or dusty. It will clean them, yes, but at the expense of making the pool filter work harder to remove what was on the chairs. Heaven forbid if you put an metal one in by mistake, the rust is terrible for the pool water and would cause the chemicals to be out of balance. Look at making a plan B.

  • judy

    Never put patio furniture in pool when a hurricane threatens, one of the warmings here in FL, wind can cause waves that will toss furniture around and can damage your pool surface

  • PoolDog

    robotic pool vaccum, the best investment for the pool I ever made,

    however, if you have a vinyl liner pool, you might want to think twice about putting your lawn chairs in the pool during a strom or anytime, as a sharp piece of chair could hit the side of the pool liner and rip it.

  • tjk


  • Rich

    I vote Charlie R for class president...........that is exactly what I did last year, this year has been the most relaxing I have had in 20 years.................

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