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Fire Safety at Home

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Did you know that every 20 seconds, the fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the nation? Here are things you can do to stop fires in your home before they even start.

  • CarlW

    NEVBER take fire lightly.
    You're not looking at a still fire in a fireplace, you're dealing with something that takes over everything around you, at up to 35 m.p.h.
    That may sound slow in a car, but not when you're treying to outrun it. (Also, your local fire station MAY be out on another call, in the opposite end of town).
    Priority: 10 STAY CALM, 2) Pre-plan an alternative way out, and see if you can practice it. No room for "Oops!" when fire licking at your back.

  • Gary

    In this video it shows the electric surge protector sitting on the carpeting. As a firefighter and fire inspector for over 35 years, I strongly suggest that the surge protector never be place directly onto carpeting. Either place the surge protector onto a tile floor or add a piece of wood onto the bottom of the surge protector. These surge protectors get extremely hot when pluged in and can start a fire.

  • Charlie

    Ya know, Residential Sprinklers are the best defense if & when a fire starts. Look it up people. I had a residential sprinkler system installed in my house when it was being built (1990). Glad we never had to see it operate. It just sits there waiting, and waiting.

  • Russel Monroe

    I work for a fire investigation company. Last week we had a fire in a home that was caused be a new mantel being installed over a fireplace. The installer nailed a wooden bracket to the wall to support the mantel. He inadvertantly pierced an electrical wire within the wall. The wire shorted and started a fire within the wall. It was some time before the fire was discovered and caused extensive damage to the home. I think that this fire might have been prevented if the installer had used drywall anchors instead of nails to attach the bracket. Just something to consider in the future.

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