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Cutting molding is a common source of frustration for DIYers. Achieving perfect angles is no easy feat. In part one of this three-part installment on crown molding, home improvement pros Mark and Theresa Clement of one of our favorite DIY sites, MyFixItUpLife, demonstrate how to set the stage for precise cuts every time.

cutting crown moldingMark and Theresa Clement, MyFixItUpLife

My wife Theresa and I have given demonstrations on installing crown molding from Baltimore to the Bay Area and back again, and we find that many people share the same frustrations cracking the crown code. Even if they've mastered other moldings, like chair rail or door casing, crown can be utterly befuddling.

The main challenge we face with crown is that, unlike flat-backed moldings, crown occupies a third dimension in space (called the "spring-angle") that complicate things.

Dealing with the spring-angle requires serious mental gymnastics. But beyond that, cutting, measuring and installing crown even halfway decently requires technical precision. No need to sweat it, though. In this crown molding series, we'll show you how we set up, cut and install crown molding to get professional results.

The first key to cracking the code on crown molding is a building workbench that works, which is what we cover in this first installment of the series. The good news is that while the workbench we build below is ideal for crown molding (and one we use on our pro job sites), easy to make, inexpensive as all get-out, and can be easily disassembled and stored if, for example, your workshop competes for space with your family car.

  • Clark

    Great info for cutting crown molding but I used the styrofoam molding and didn't need any of those tools, electrical, sawhorses, miter-saw, etc... I couldn't image wood looking any better than the job I did with foam moldings.

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