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No space to park your car? Optimize garage storage with Rubbermaid's FastTrack system, a quick and easy way to free up floors and make use of vertical wall space. Bonus: You can use it for extra storage space in basements and sheds too!

Is your garage a mess? It's time to rethink your organization system. Photo: Rubbermaid

In the chaos of kayaks, camping gear, fishing supplies, leftover paint cans, holiday decorations and junk from your past -- where are you supposed to park your car? Once upon a time it was the garage, but now that place often serves as a dumping ground for items you have nowhere else to put, or quite frankly, the time to organize.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, Rubbermaid's FastTrack System can help dig you out of the mess that is your garage. The modular hook-and-rail system is easy to install and makes the most of vertical space, rather than eating up valuable floor space.

Rubbermaid's FastTrack garage organizing system is a quick and easy way to make use of empty wall space. It can also be used to organize walls in basements and outdoor sheds. Photo: Rubbermaid

Organization Made Easy
Traditionally, garage organization consists of a mixture of floor cabinets, standard-mounted shelves, screw hooks and hangers -- each of which require finding wall studs (or relying on the questionable strength of drywall) for securing. Stud location may even complicate the installation process and limit the placement of the shelves. Comparatively the FastTrack's approach is simple: it allows you to hang items anywhere you want -- even areas where you can't find a stud.

Once the FastTrack System's hanger bar is mounted, you can proceed without having to worry about installing additional fasteners. Photo: Rubbermaid

The tools you need for installation are minimal: a carpenter's level to make sure the job ends up looking professional and a drill-driver to install the hanger bar. Within a few minutes you can have the base of the system installed. Once the the hanger bar is in place, hooks, racks, shelves and even storage cabinets can be snapped on without tools.

Made of heavy-duty steel rails, the FastTrack System is extremely durable and can hold nearly 2000 lbs, depending on rail size. You can customize and rearrange items to meet seasonal needs. For example, in winter you can keep ski equipment front and center, while moving summer bikes to the back. Further adapt your garage storage to the season by using Roughneck bins to hold seasonal items such as mulch, soil and holiday decorations.

The FastTrack System has a large variety of accessories to organize your garage efficiently. Photo: Rubbermaid

Versatile System
FastTrack, widely available at home stores and online, offers a large collection of accessories to maximize your storage capabilities. Snap everything from brooms to bikes on a large variety of hooks. Hang baseball bats and fishing equipment on specialized hooks. Also available are track-hung baskets for balls and other small items. Slotted standards may also be hung from the track and used for mounting shelves, bins, drawers, cubbies and supply cabinets.

Specialized FastTrack System hooks are designed for hanging everything from golf bags to bicycles. Photo: Rubbermaid

There are many accessory options, making for an exceptionally versatile storage system. However, ideally you should begin with Rubbermaid's FastTrack kit, which includes two 48-inch. rails, capping, six hooks and costs about $60. This is less expensive than buying the components separately, and you can add accessories as you need them.

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