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Reader Tips: Handy Uses for Vodka

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Have you heard? Vodka has many uses beyond filling up your glass! Earlier we listed some great ways to use vodka, and now thanks to DIY Life readers, we have more uses to add to the list!

It's always amazing to learn you can use common household items in new, unexpected ways. From baking pies to pet first aid, check out how DIY Life readers put vodka to work.

Tip: Use vodka to bake a delicious pie.Use vodka to bake a delicious pie. Photo: Benimoto

"Add vodka to pie dough instead of water. Water makes the gluten in flour congeal – great when making bread but the enemy of pie crusts. The alcohol in the vodka evaporates quickly, adding to the effect that you want, i.e., to trap shortening between layers of dough to create flakiness." -- MikeG

"I too have a pie crust recipe that requires vodka instead of water. The dough is so easy to work with and unlike regular pie crust dough, this just cannot be ruined by over working it! It's awesome! It always turns out light, flaky and yummy!!" -- BarbaraAnn

"I make air freshener with Vodka and pure, food-grade essential oils. It is wonderful." -- Linda Vear

Tip: Use vodka to clean toilets.Use vodka to clean toilets. Photo: Getty Images

"I once found myself in a hotel where the bathroom didn't look too clean. I took our bottle of vodka and cleaned the toilet [and] toilet seat, sink and bathtub. The room looked and smelled 100% cleaner. My husband thought I was a genius." -- Shirley

Tip: Use vodka as pet first aid.Use vodka as pet first aid. Photo:, Flickr

"My dog drank antifreeze. My vet told me the best thing to do is give the dog vodka because vodka binds to the antifreeze and helps it pass through the dog safely. It needs to be done right away before the antifreeze gets into the dog's system. By the way, my puppy survived thanks to a super vet and is a healthy dog today!" -- Sally

Use vodka for your car.Use vodka for your car. Photo: basheertome, Flickr

Use vodka to remove gum. Photo: Getty Images

"Use it as windshield wiper fluid. It doesn't freeze." -- Jill

"Vodka will also remove bubblegum from the carpet or from your hair. Just apply vodka and rub with lint-less cloth or paper towel. Keep rubbing while applying vodka. The vodka will dissolve the gum and the cloth will remove it." -- Gregory Schwartz


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