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How to Repair a Driveway

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Repair and reseal the cracks and holes in your driveway to make it look its best.

  • Annette

    Every time I do this... I put the patch on.. then... pour the sealer as he says..but ALWAYS see the patch lines.. is there anything I can do to avoid this? it looks like it has been repaired..never totally covered. I was thinking it could be the top coats brand that is no good? I use Sears best... I once used Airport quality and that was beautiful but haven't been able to find it again..... I am getting loads of tiny road map lines now in addition to the the 1" cracks... ugh.. I see Eric is in Ca of Fl... easy on the roads there... here in the east.. the constant freezing and thawing in the winter really does a number on the driveways here... thanks!

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