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Build a Platform Bed

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Looking for a way to update your bedroom? A platform bed looks great and provides excellent support. Plus, it eliminates the need for a box spring. Here's how to build one.

When it comes to staining the wood frame, use the the tips in this video:

  • durdenms

    Awesome, just let me run out and get a circular saw, nail gun, lumber, carpenters glue, wood stain, brushes, and.... Oh wait a sec, Ill just go BUY a brand new completed bed set and save all this headache. Sheesh, what a useless video.

  • kevin

    Gosh...I was just thinking about some sheet wood resting on cinder blocks.

  • willie

    Some of us do alot of our own creations so.... we have alot of the tools already. you can use the same idea and make some thing else. Just think coffee table and end tables. How about some plant stands, a book shelf. Basic and easy, anybody could do it. I have some ideas and they will jazz up my room.

  • Circus Tim

    If youweighmore than 250 pounds, or desire a firm bed , and more storage, this isthe way to go. Since I am tall I make the bed higher, about height of a bar stool, easier tomake the bed, and when you get up in morning,no strain on the knees.Put the winter clothes under bed in plastic bags in suitcase in the summer and reverse in winter so closets don't look stuffed.

  • Jim

    Funny comments. If you don't have or want to use the tools why are you watching DIY videos. If you aren't willing to do the work then don't complain. And if you take the time to buy the tools guess what? You can use them again and again. It is called investing.

  • Nadine

    Amen to that.

  • Dennie Garwitz

    Amen to that, Jim.

  • Marianne

    Exactly Jim. I am redoing my bedroom and getting a new bed - any homeowner has these basic tools. It's a fun project. Just like these women who like to do crafts of painting shirts or making earrings - they too can go out and buy these things also.

  • jwsexton9

    He didnt tell you he is useing red oak or maple ply wood and trust me for the week end wood worker this is not cheap or easy,,,,I am a wood worker and have made many oak and maple projects for the home,,,,,If be an the non skilled,,,,best go buy a box spring or use the cones and cheap wood,,,,no body will no the diff,,,,

  • ronnie

    I am on my 2nd platform bed. First one I had for 21 yrs., wear and tear, moving it took alot of abuse. So for 28 yrs thus far.... we have had no box spring and 3 mattresses. Gothic Cabinet Furniture has them cheap. The first I pd. 120.00 for the second wasn't much more. My daughter had a 6 drawer platform for a few yrs., I wouldn't recommend this type for 'jumping - growing kids'. R.

  • steve

    One thing that he probably isn't even aware of. Most mattresses that are in peoples homes were not designed not to use a box spring. The box spring is there to flex when body weight is put on the mattress. By using just a board you are actually wearing the mattress from both sides. Your mashhing from both sides beacause there is no flex. Only mattresses designed to used on platforms should be used.

  • david

    wow ....... what an original idea............. they used this for waterbeds back in the 1960's ans as high as mattresses are i think they will make a come back

  • bunkbed

    wow...awesome. Its really cool and i would like to try it to build my new

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